Ride to Panshet 80 kms on single charge

Completed a ride today morning 80 kms round trip to Panshet dam.

This is best efficiency I got on long ride. It took 3-3.5 hrs total with minimal stops. Started with 99% (as charging was completed last night), initially kept speed around 30 kmph for first 20 odd kms. Got confidence as SoC was around 78% (close to 1% for each km traveled) and kept speed around 40 kmph after that still mostly on lower side . Reached Panshet which took around 1.5 hrs for 40 kms. Road is mostly good except few patches. No major traffic. No ghat on this trail. Had minimal breaking due to these which helped to gain efficiency.

There is one fast charging point near McDonalds on Sinhgad road. It was working. So, I was not having anxiety. But, wanted to confirm 80+ kms range so didn’t use that.

Took some photo stops on return journey.

I enjoyed ride. Will I do this again? Mostly no. I was overtaking only cyclist (this route is favorite for them). Everyone else including auto was overtaking me.:frowning: I had to show patience. But, realized that, you see many things around while riding slow which you miss on :slight_smile:

I was looking for this ride since last ride to Pabe ghat few months back. That was 70 kms total but had steep ghat. I had some anxiety for that trip as fast charging point was not functional. I was carrying portable charger. But, in Pabe ghat where we had breakfast, there was no electricity. I was riding with non EV folks. So, this trip was kind of challenge thrown at me. :slight_smile:

quick glimpse from earlier Pabe ghat ride

IMG_20210821_090518 - Copy

So, we can go places on EV! Today, we have best EV 2 wheeler. Tomorrow, we don’t know :slight_smile: So, enjoy your rides now!


@wmayuresh This was awesome :heart_eyes:… Your Patience is really worthy :heart:

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That’s a good range considering you have 450+. Let’s do this ride with my 450X, to check what’s the difference in range. You will have to do one more ride like this though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Amazing photos!

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