Ride Stats Sync Issues

Since March 14 I have been noticing the issue of ride stats not getting sync with app. Many rides are missing and few rides show completely wrong ride duration.

I have restarted bike and reinstalled Ather app multiple times.

Ather Team, Request your help to fix the issue. Not sure if this a known issue with the recent updates.

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the first time i faced this issue was 2 days ago, literally just after the 202310 update. the bug is in this update.


I am also facing the same issue stats are not syncing from Feb for my scooter


Same here form last 15 days I am facing the issue but in my case it shows no data



First commute to the office on my lunar grey 450x 3.1 done and I am pleasantly surprised with just how enjoyable, comfortable and swift the ride was. (I’ve alternated between taking the MMTS or riding a Vstrom 650XT past few years)

I don’t have the ride stats on the app.

I’ve hard reset the scooter in a place with good connectivity

I have reinstalled the app.

I have searched on the forum and found



But they did not answer my question

What should I do to get the ride stats on the app ? I am particularly interested because I want to experiment between the modes and track the efficiency etc over the next few weeks

ciao GR


I am facing the same issue since taking the delivery of my new 450x a week back. The odo from the scooter gets synced to the app. But the rides don’t sync. Raised a ticket with Ather support for this issue with all screenshots. Ather said they will come back to me within 10 days! Let’s see :crossed_fingers:


Facing the same issue too, do let know if it’s resolved


Thanks @haricharankumar that is exactly my issue (I took delivery on the 18th March) and also for raising the issue with Ather support. Will await a fix from them


I am facing the same issue. I have raised a ticket. See inaccurate stats and in some cases, no sync at all.


as soon as the experience center marks your order delivered, the ride stats get enabled. you can try contacting them, they should be able to help

Thanks @ibbi I have to go there today to pick up the TR papers, will ask them


I have same issue from 27th feb 2023 when i complained about this issue ,they telling it is not realtime Sync,it is based on network my bike is in full network but problem not resolved ,when i have word with Ather ASM he raise his voice,behave very rude .if we are facing issue and we bring to there concern .they misbehave with us

Form last few data ride not displayed even if displayed it shows no data Check below images with date and time

@abhishek.balaji Happy Ugadi! Can we get some response and help on this. Seems a lot of users are facing this issue.

Coming April 1st all this would not be free and be part of some Ather yearly subscription plan. If issues like these are not addressed, people might not opt for such subscriptions which do not realistically work.


Got an update from Customer support that there is an OTA update that will be pushed by end of this week and have been told that it will get resolved. Keeping my fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: