Ride stats not appearing on the app

My issue registered from April till date around 6 times is that ride statistics after 2nd April not reflected in my app. But odo readings are up-to-date. Can you update me the real reason. Also want clarification that since app details of ride statistics is not reflecting my charger reimbursement for quarter 2 April to July not done till date.

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Hey I’ve flagged this issue to the team. They’ll check and get back to you on a resolution.

Even I am facing the same issue, the ride was synced last on may. Have raised multiple requests, but the team could not find the solution for this.

Have you received your reimbursement

I’ve flagged yours too, the team is checking the issue and will get back soon on a resolution.

Any update on this issue? I am facing an issue with ride stats not getting updated as well.

I got all the ride stats for the past couple of weeks suddenly and sometimes a certain ride appeared more than once, so the same ride Stat appeared twice consecutively.

I was told to upgrade my app to version 3.3.3. But my app version is Same thing was replied back. Waiting for updates