Richy Rich - Ather grid is not usable

Hello everyone . I went to charge my 450x at Richy rich Coimbatore when I went there the charger was free but the problem is people from richy rich has kept an table in front of the grid and their customers are using that table . I can’t go and say to the people eating there to get off as it will be rude . And I waited there for half an hour till the people finish eating then I charged my 450x. I request Ather to tell richy rich to keep the grid away from objects Please take this issue serious Call

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There has been few reports earlier also when owners were not able to charge their scooters here, it will be nice if the grid is relocated to a different place where there is no obstruction and there is ease of access.


Ather should take this seriously Please tell them to keep the grid aside for their own purposes Or else please relocate the grid

I too have faced the same issue… I always park on the pathway of health and glow shop and charge


I faced same issue a week ago.