Revolt RV 400

150 kms per charge in eco mode (max speed 45kmph)

70 kms per charge in sports mode (max speed 85kmph)

Compared to Ather 450X subscription plans. Revolt plan looks more reasonable.

Zero Down payment. 3999 * 37 months (1,48,000/-) price includes below services

3 years unlimited maintenance,

unlimited battery switches

1 time free tyres replacement

5 years product warranty

3 years 4G connectivity

insurance (3 years own damage + 5 years 3rd party)


you forgot unlimited battery switch

RV 400 is not as smart as Ather 450😎


I have been struggling with the same conundrum but then if we take into account the modern features along with a really good charging network - I would say ather is worth the extra bucks.

However, I agree that Ather could have added free 4G connectivity for a couple of years given the price it is charging.

Hey buggies, revolt on its top spec model has 3kw motor but ather has 5.4kw motor!! Which is absolutely change maker, ather cannot be compared with revolt

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Compare it with ultaviolet.

Max Power 33.9 PS @ 2250 rpm
Max Torque 90 Nm / 450 Nm (Motor)
Cooling System Air Cooled
Drive Type Chain Drive
Motor Type AC motor
Motor Power 25000 W
Range 130-150 km/charge
Battery Charging Time 1.5-5 Hours
ABS Dual Channel
Riding Modes
Navigation Yes
Additional Features :
Variable regenerative braking, iOS and Android smartphone APP, BLS4 Automated Battery Control System Automated Battery Ejection Battery Locking and Vibration Arrestors, E-SIM, Fall & crash sensor, Emergency contact alert,
Max Speed 147 kmph
Acceleration (0-60 Kmph) 2.9s
Acceleration (0-100 Kmph) 7.2s
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Ultraviolet is incomparable with ather,it is too expensive and not even available for purchase

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Revolt Chennai Showroom Opened today… If any Ather owners get to have a test ride do update your feedback…

Time slot isn’t available through website

I took the test ride of revolt rv400 today in chennai. First of all, their customer interaction and service is very poor (maybe just in velachery branch, not sure, or the fact that I went in ather and parked it right in front of the revolt showroom). As soon as I entered and enquired to them that I booked a test ride at this time slot, they replied saying test ride bookings are not flowing through the system. You can fill this form and take it. Test ride is just 200-300 meters and the showroom guy sits in the pillion seat along with us and allows to go only that far. No explaining of features or modes or anything. Coming to the experience, it’s nowhere close to ather in my little drive. With the pillion, it never crossed 65 in sports mode. I’m too spoiled by ather’s awesome weight balance to like revolt. The pickup is good. I was actually pissed at the customer experience there and also not so impressed with the ride. So didn’t enquire anymore and just left. But the sad fact is that many people are booking it. I’ve visited ather space three times and it used to be always empty. Here there are test rides continuously happening and there was actually more people booking it there in person as well. This proves that price is the main factor for Indian market and people are attracted towards this price and subscription model and ignoring ather as soon as they hear the price.

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The good thing so far is we don’t have Revolt in Bangalore. But since 450x deliveries are in Q3, there could be a chance that Revolt might come to Bangalore and people will end up buying that over Ather.

Please don’t but revolt they are hiding many things from people…and they are giving battery warranty of 7 years but the are not openly giving the discharge rate…but ather is transperant. They are openly giving minimum degradation of 70 percentage to claim in my thinking ather is best.

"But the sad fact is that many people are booking it."

Why is it sad? You should be happy that many people are buying an electric bike instead of a petrol one. It’s not a contest between Revolt and Ather. Ather does not have a bike to compete with Revolt and vice-versa. Customer experience in most of the traditional dealerships is very bad. There will definitely be more enthusiasm in the initial days and staff could be overwhelmed.

I like the fact that Revolt is able to expand to many cities in a quick time. They are also expanding to even more cities by the end of the year and even tier-2/3 cities by next year. The scale is very important in the automobile market. With the rapid expansion across the country, they will be able to achieve the scale required for getting better prices on batteries and motors. They are also working on more models.

It’s sad in the context of ather. Even though ather is far better than revolt (except for range), the crowd is attracted towards revolt just because of the price which is where ather is very stubborn to bring down.

We don’t actually know, but maybe if they price low, 450x might be the last best scooter from ather. As said in other posts elsewhere, this is a premium product and also first of its kind.

Yes I agree with what you are saying that ather has a far product. Even though the pricing is high I feel that ather isn’t being stubborn, what they are trying to do is make their brand very popular, like to make people believe that their product is superior and amazing, not to mention their fast charging network and Software updates. This is all being done to get brand recognition and to expand into many cities. After they show the people that their products are amazing, they will release a much cheaper model which will not be out of reach and will still have the ather brand. Which will most likely turn out to be a success because of how good the 450x was.

So in my opinion 450x is to prove that ather’s product is superior to others and the next ather scooter will most likely target the masses.