Reverse of bike

Has any 1 thought about reverse camera in dashboard? Wont it be easier to directly have access of rear view without looking back? :wink:

Plz include the software update atleast in d nxt update such that a cam cud b installed easily

Every tym i reverse my bike i tend to bump into any thng behind datsy i think it wid b helpful


There’s no point in solving a problem that doesn’t exist.


Don’t get me wrong here (and it’s possibly just me), but I feel that if I ended up bumping into something that I couldn’t see when actually I turned around and directly looked at the rear of my Ather while reversing, then I doubt if having one camera there would have helped me in any way.

After all, it’s a 2-wheeler, so our eyes will any day have better range of vision that a tiny rear cam… :sweat_smile:


Yes good thinking regarding this we should have an camera update so that we can see easily by doing reverse mode and we will not get damage in our vehicle

Couldn’t have said it any better. Some requests are pretty cool but outrageous :joy:

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Using this forum for 9 months and this is the funniest request I saw. Cars have blind spots and it’s not easy to navigate them. If you feel rear camera is needed for a 2 wheeler, I doubt the effort of the rider here