Request to enable wifi on 450x

Hello team and @abhishek.balaji … request to enable wifi is need of an hour…consider below scenario,

I leave in an apartment where my parking is in basement and Ather dot is installed in my basement parking. Now if I want to check charge status and any other vehical data , I am not able to sync with scooter as there is no network in basement… If wifi would have been enabled I could simply connect to my apartment wifi or my personal wifi via access point and always connected to scooter…

This can be case for many Ather owners… so request you to enable wifi feature…any way to use other connected feature you can tweak settings and locked to subscription…


Yes this is a serious topic many places Jio network is not working that why i can’t access the map If i have my own network i can easily to access the map :cowboy_hat_face:


good idea Ather should implement it