Republic Day Ride on Ather or Any Indian made Electric Vehicle with Flags on

Hey Folks… Can we plan for a Ride in our own cities to showcase Electric vehicles which are manufactured in India? Proudly Ride with Green Number plates and Indian flags on our vehicles.

Motive: Increase awareness of Electric Vehicles in India. Motivate consumers of Our City for Buying and Using Electric Vehicles. Motivate manufacturers for initiating more manufacturing of Electric vehicles in India.

*Just we need to be more Cautious on Roads by following all Traffic Rules and Regulations.

Please add and suggest. People from different cities can create own Riding Groups and share link here for better Communication.


Any body from Hubballi

I am in for Bengaluru ride


Let’s go…


We have White, we have Green, If only we had a saffron Ather, it would’ve been wonderful :slight_smile:


Tag that guy who wrapped his 450 in grey! may be he will wrap some saffron as well! Atleast a few for few days!

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Mumbaikars… Let’s plan Route for Ride in Mumbai

Let’s do it! Seems like Bengaluru, Mumbai are interested, Pune folks were planning something anyway. @Rahul might be planning something in Chennai.

Will create events on the groups and start individual discussions for each city


Anyone from TUMAKURU/TUMKUR on the Forum interested for UnOfficial rides? :wink: I have seen a couple of whites and grey on road but not on this Forum. Please respond!

Anyone from Hyderabad who wants to do a small ride as well? @cyberboysumanjay @mai.khan ?



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I’m in. Please organise it for Hyderabad too

Nice Idea @bvardhaman I’d be happy to be part of it. Bengaluru folks, head over here for further discussion


Hey Mumbaikars… Let’s make it happen… Do submit your Response on below event

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Yes count me in.

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Awesome, @mai.khan and @cyberboysumanjay can you folks decide or drop suggestions for the ride routes and finalize? Will help create an event here and add other owners from Hyderabad as well


Hyderabad folks already had a ride planned on 24th. A breakfast ride at Tajmahal restaurant. We’re planning to reschedule it to 26th Now :white_check_mark:

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Can we add cable bridge in the route plan. Not sure if it will be open on 26th