Republic Day Ride - Bengaluru!

A few owners suggested a ride on Republic day to mark the occasion, creating this to get interest from folks in Bangalore! Will update once the ride route and timings are finalized.

If you have suggestions on the ride route, drop them below!


Suggestion on the Ride route. Ather Space back to Ather Space… Ather Space, Indiranagar - via Domlur Flyover to Home Centre, Austin town to St. Patrick’s Chruch, Ashok Nagar to St. Marks Road to M G Road to Army Post office at Tasker town towards Parade ground and back to Ather Space


One ride suggestion from my side

  • Meeting point/Ride start - Royal Airavatha on Mysuru Road(Ather grid)
  • Ride towards Dodda Aalada Mara and reach Ranch restaurant Big Banyan (16kms one way from Royal Airavatha)
  • Spend some time
  • Have breakfast and disperse

Interested people can continue and take a Winery and Vineyard tour that these guys offer.


This route looks good to me

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I think Royal airavatha is too far to start the ride (only concern in my opinion) reaching there itself would use significant amount of charge. I think we should start somewhere else.

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I agree. I stay in hebbal and reaching the start point itaelf becomes a trip…

It takes me 20kms to reach royal airavata. But still I’m okay with this one.

If we plan and charge the vehicle completely at home. I think there should not be any problem.

But yeah, royal airavata is almost in the outskirts of Bengaluru. If any other person has any better starting point in mind to suggest, Please feel free.


My suggestion is that Ather Space is a centre Point for all to meet up. You can choose a different ride route…but Ather Space is better place for a starting Point.

Agreed Royal Airavatha is far for some. But my idea behind this route was to go somewhere where there is less crowd. The usual lalbagh, Cubbon park kinds will be really busy on 26th1. Cubbon road may be blocked with Manekshaw Parade grounds where CM will do the flag hoisting. As regards to the Atherspace, that’s been the point for all owner rides and in fact it’s kind of Boring (Sorry @tarun :grin:) That said, not fixed on this…open to any thing that gets more votes

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Route is not an issue that idea of going in less crowded route is actually correct only thing we need to figure out is a starting point. Sadly I don’t know many areas and routes in Bangalore to suggest.

Going to a less crowd don’t it defeat the Motive: to Increase awareness of Electric Vehicles in India. Motivate consumers of Our City for Buying and Using Electric Vehicles. Lalbagh and Cubbon park will be less crowded as this year the Flower show has been cancelled.

People, we have a day left. 10 have voted “going” and 12 have voted “interested”. We have only 2 suggestions/options. A new third one now, may lead to confusion at this point of, to move things further and help in detailed planning, let’s vote for one of the two. Please cast your vote below

Republic day ride
  • City ride: Atherspace- Anil Kumble circle - Atherspace
  • Outskirts: Royal Airavatha- Dodda Aalada Mara - Royal Airavatha

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Fair point. However another point we’ve to be aware is that a mega protest rally is being planned with lots of farmers expected to come till freedompark from the Outskirts of the city. Understand you completely but fir me personally, it’s all about the ride, for awareness, we have social media :slight_smile:


there may be Farmer’s Tractor Procession in Bangalore. Beware of that.

Tat doesn’t affect our plan

Hi All it is already post noon and I think we have to take a call on tomorrow’s ride. So that everyone can plan their day accordingly.

So all those who are interested in tomorrow’s ride please vote ASAP.

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:sweat_smile: Looks like there’s no consensus here.

Ather Space -> Royal Airavatha: 21kms approx Royal Airavatha -> Dodda Aalada Mara: 14kms approx

I suggest we split into two groups.

  1. The first group assembles at Ather Space, rides towards royal Airavatha.
  2. The second group assembles at Royal Airavatha, waits for the first group to arrive, and then continues on to Dodda Aalada Mara. Folks from the first group, if they live far away, can head back to their homes. Others continue.

What would be the assembling time at Ather Space and at Royal Airavatha???

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Ather space can be 8 AM, and then royal airavata at 9:30AM? Weather is pleasant these days so I hope it won’t be too sunny for the longer trip


8 and 8…Equal number of votes for both routes :grinning: Good suggestion @abhishek.balaji

Considering 11AM breakfast (or brunch if you’d like to call it), I worked backwards and made the following schedule. 9:00 to 9:30 can be used for photographing the entire group.

  • Group 1: 08:00AM assemble at Atherspace
  • Group 1: 08:15AM depart from Atherspace
  • Group 1: 09:15AM arrive at Royal Airavatha
  • Group 2: 09:00AM assemble at Royal Airavatha

People with enough range:

  • 09:30AM depart Royal Airavatha
  • 10:30AM arrive at Dodda Aalada mara
  • 10:45AM reach Ranch restaurant for breakfast
  • 11:30AM Disperse

At Atherspace, @abhishek.balaji will be the coordinator and at Royal Airavatha it would be me. DM us here or on the Telegram group if you need more information