Remotely Shutdown and Mparivahan app

1- Remotely Shutdown will be very helpful when you want to prevent over night battery drain after full charge or you are suddenly gone out of station and you forgot to shutdown scooter.

2- instead of scan copy document on dashboard can we get Mparivahan app to save scooter documents offline /online because in my state traffic police only validated original document or Mparivahan app. it is very difficult to explain about this feature of Ather to traffic police for scan copy validation of documents, they denied to validate because they didn’t see any scooter like this which has inbuilt memory for scanned documents.

I am the 1st Owner of Ather in my State that’s why i am facing these problems.:rofl:


Wont comment on #1, but for #2, you can either use the mParivahan app or Digilocker to store your documents and share them with the RTO when asked. I dont have any docs uploaded on the Ather app and rely on Digilocker for the same.


Yes i am using those app but my point is if Internet is available on Scooter so it’s more convenient to show Scooter documents details on Dashboard via such app like Mparivahan or Digilocker and it’s accepted by all over the states of India.:grin:


Government has only approved two digital apps mparivan and digilocker for DL and RC. And also now the dashboard is Android OS. So it would be great to add this 2 apps.