Reimbursement canceled

Was told that we can reimburse the electricity used when I bought the 450… Now ather says they have stopped the reimbursement… isn’t it cheating?? I genuinely feel so

reimbursement was given for the 1 year for initial customers who booked during the launch, Ather has Cancelled the plan which gives the Electricity charges back and made 4 different plans. But on the side note, that plan was cheaper than current plans combined

I am one of those customer who bought this vehicle because I get reimbursement… Ather never told they will be canceling the reimbursement plan when buying the vehicle…

Hi, Just sharing my thoughts to you, Pandemic has give us lot of lesson, if you had paid for yearly 9K approx. and not used the vehicle during lockdown… then you would have only suffered the loss.

The management took right decision and introduced 4 plans, which users can choose as per their choice.

Now, my subscription is a lot cheaper and remaining amount I can deploy towards my electricity bills.