Regenerative Braking Tips!

Some tips on regen from my side:

  • You can use regen to slow down the vehicle two ways - by twisting the throttle in the opposite direction, there’s about 5 degrees of play here. Second, if you apply the brakes, regen activates then as well.
  • Regen will work when your charge level or SOC is less than about 84%, and your speed has to be > 20kmph
  • If you aggressively use regen, you can gain back about 4% back on a full charge
  • Regen is useful when you’re cruising at higher speed, and you want to slow down slightly. It wont be able to bring your scooter to a stop completely, so as you use it more, you’ll get used it when coasting.

Useful tips, knew about the regen by applying brakes. Twisting throttle is new info. Thanks


Is there any visual indication anywhere on the dashboard when Regen is activated?


Not currently, since the gains from regen are pretty low. But feel free to add it as a #ather-experience:feature-requests so our team can consider this for a future update.


It will be great to have an indication of how much battery we have gained back by regen maybe in the ride statistics.


In ather or epluto? Either way ather doesn’t have strong regen and in epluto there isn’t any regen. At least that’s what the showroom guys said and what I’ve gathered from other sources. Pure EV is yet to bring in any sort of regen in their products.

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Good thinking in theory. In reality, there isn’t much regen in the best of cases (took someone a 8 km downhill to recover 1% SoC). Further, the opposite twist isn’t implemented very well. There is extremely little travel to engage a switch that keeps cutting in and out at even the slightest of bumps (try holding it on a bumpy downhill and you’ll know). There’s nothing on the display to tell you if and how much regen is actually taking place.

A proper implementation would have given opposite twist with a lot more travel and the actual extent of travel would be used to determine how hard to apply regen. At the extreme end of said travel, it could be used to trigger reverse mode instead of having to swipe right on a screen that keeps missing swipes half the time.


A sneaky video here. Very misleading :stuck_out_tongue:

But ya. Highest regen I’ve got is some -18Wh/Km and It was perfect condition on a 300m slope.

That’s honestly how I thought it was until I got delivery of my scooter 🤦

I have almost never used this way of using park assist. It’s the most unreliable.


Wouldn’t that be quite dangerous, if the scooter initiates a reverse with an accidental twist? Even if this is implemented for a stationary bike only (like the side stand sensor), I still foresee unanticipated reverse movement because a lot of times, (since we riders KNOW the scooter moves forward when the throttle is twisted in one direction) we tend to subconsciously press the throttle in the other direction when stationary and at red lights. If there is vehicle movement in either direction of the throttle, it becomes a balancing act holding it :sweat_smile:


My bad… I was trying to tell about the braking and not the regen charging. Epluto motor-brakes right when we start pulling the brakes.

Editing my post to remove the confusion.

It even seems they implemented wheel locking with the hub motor. I saw one of the scooters glitch when the immobilizer key was pressed. Maybe something Ather could try, nota full time engine ON braking, but maybe something that involves sensing with IMU.


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As things stand now, the display is unreliable, and if it is offline for whatever reason, Reverse is unavailable. Think about a kickdown switch in a AT car. After you floor the pedal, there is additional resistance offered by the switch which you need to overcome deliberately. Something similar can also be implemented in the throttle.

It’s not trivial, but it’s certainly not rocket science. Some common sense, testing and tuning should do the trick.

The present throttle itself is really hard to source for ather, hence the very expensive replacement cost. They wouldn’t invest to change the mirror. They won’t change anything to the throttle. I still prefer the regen settings on chetak and iQube. Always on once you leave throttle. .the perfect regen implementation is that of Tesla! A bit of throttle first switches off regen and only later on does it power the motor. It’s the perfect way to do regen.

This is what pisses me off. Instead of spending time and effort on things that would result in real improvement, people are trying to fix indicators and going nowhere.

Ather’s priorities are seriously messed up, and if they continue like this, they will not be going very far.

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You have the brakes + indicator + ignition to enable the reverse/forward creep function.


Wasn’t aware of this, but it still seems pretty convoluted.

Ah I get your concern.

I guess Raghav already answered your query, but incidentally, this shortcut seems to be shown as the default way to get to reverse mode as per Ather tutorials; so hopefully more people find out about it!


That’s what I meant by this. It’s always been the shortcut keys. And it’s perfect actually. Trigger reverse every single time (~99% of the time). The only time I use the dash is to reset the trip meter. I’ve minimised any interactions with it to avoid seeing some weird lag or unresponsiveness. Even resetting the trip meter becomes a task sometimes ,:pensive:

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Pure EV already have regen… not strong enough…

Surprised that this is coming from you - 1, since you have been a 450 owner previously, 2, since you try to understand everything and 3, since you are a very hands-on kind of a person.

As convoluted as it may sound, that’s the easiest and fastest way for park assist activation/deactivation. I’ve probably never used the dash for park assist other than for demo purposes.

Park assist (brakes + indicator centre+ power), soft reset (both brakes + power), bluetooth call actions (power + indicator switch) - all these switch combinations may look convoluted - but while doing it, is pretty simple

Just like how driving an MT car sounds convoluted to many :slight_smile:

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Truth is that I use the Ather to travel 2 km per day, and to be used by my helper as a runabout for workshop related stuff and am not very invested in it mentally. So I haven’t delved into shortcuts. I’ve made note of this particular shortcut now.

That said, I still maintain that Reverse should be available via a simple, intuitive hardware method. Preferably something that doesn’t need more than one finger to trigger.