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Question: Is there any plan to increase the level of regen?

There is no plan to increase the regen level soon.

Question: What is the maximum energy that can be regained with regen currently?

Based on the current regen settings, you can get up to 4% battery capacity back if you aggressively use regen.

Question: What is the difference between Regen Braking Vs Disc Braking?

The Disc brakes work mechanically, whereas regen works electronically.

As soon as you pull the brake lever, if the brake switch gets engaged (same switch that turns the brake lights on at the tail), the regen gets engaged.

Depending on the brake fade, tuning, etc the disc brake’s action will vary based on the pressure applied.

Question: How do I apply re-gen braking?

There are multiple ways to engage re-gen. Unlike engine braking, engaging re-gen is electronic and not mechanical.

Re-gen can be enabled by twisting the throttle grip or by applying brakes.

The throttle can be rotated in both +ve and -ve direction, it rests at a zero point if you let it go. The +ve direction allows a full angle of twist, while the negative direction only has ~5° of play.

Also, the regen alone cannot bring a vehicle to a complete stop as regen works only when the vehicle is in motion, as the vehicle slows down, the brake force also reduces.

Regen torque is a function of speed, just like air drag.

Moreover, with the 450, the re-gen gets disabled at speeds lower than 20kmph and it will work if the battery SoC is below ~84%

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A word of caution on Re-gen braking

Do use this braking with caution as it may take sometime to get used to it. It might be very useful to bring down the speed where you see a hump in front of you (or rather anticipated obstacle), however do not rely on this braking under emergency condition as it may not be quick enough.

Although you cannot rely on the regen to bring the scooter to a halt fast enough in certain situations, it does engage pretty well and slows down the scooter quickly enough. Now, if there is any other vehicle behind you, the driver will not see your brake-light come up and will have no reason to expect you to slow down, especially if the road is free ahead!! So, it is healthy for all that we Ather riders make a habit of ensuring no one is behind us before engaging the regen with or without actually braking…