Redeeming Engineers' time ft. Data Democracy

“Where’s that damn file?”

How often has an archived file brought us to tears because there’s little time and lots to do, i.e. IF we find that file!

Early this month, we heard from you about the obstacles to better engineering. Turns out, not getting the right data at the right time, is a giant hindrance!

In September’s edition of Vantage, we will have Pranay Rebala and Prakaash Jayakumar introduce you to how we improved efficiency with a data management system - Nemesis.

Nemesis has redeemed around 10 years of our engineers’ lives. All that time, spent scouring for design and test data on random pen drives, hard disks, or even CDs!

Save your seat to know more about how Nemesis has gotten us closer to our true North of democratizing data.