Receipt of Registration Certificate

In how many day’s are you receiving the registration Certificate of your vehicle from Ather. Please share your experiences regarding the same…

I got my 450X registered in November 2020 and I am yet to receive the registration certificate for the same…

Visited the Ather Experience center twice but didn’t have any satisfactory reply. They just told me they would intimate me once it is ready…

Then I mailed the customer care on February 17 requesting clarity on the same and not to surprise received a standard reply “Thanks for writing to us, We have updated our team on the same and are having the same checked with our team on the same. Once update we shall get back to you again.”

I am still awaiting a response…


After 3 months at most here in Chennai, Ather specifically told RC will be available after 2 months But I kept visiting in between and got it mostly after 2 and half

Why does RC take so much time for Ather? Any issues we need to be concerned of? Or is the delay same for all EVs?

Normally all vehicles Printed RC may take bw 45-60 days… Until then you can download soft copy from Digilocker.

I have done the permanent registration myself. Received RC book in 2-3 weeks.

I got my RC card in a month after i had got my 450x delivered. Although ather delivery representative told it might take a lot more time than that.

Any body got their vehicle registered from Shollinganallur RTO, Chennai. My vehicle is registered from the same…

Moreover when I called up the customer care enquiring about the same, they just told me that I have to go to the RTO check for myself for the availability of the vehicle RC book, though

I got my RC within 2 weeks from RTO Pune… They delivered it to my home!

What is permanent registration? :thinking:

I don’t have address proof in Chennai. So Ather did temporary registration and handed over the vehicle to me. I took it to my home town and did the permanent registration in my home town.

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For which place?

Got a call from Ather chennai, they explained me the reason for the delay in issuance of R.C. and also assured that I should get the same in about 15days. I just wanna say if customers are given feedback on their issues they would also understand the same. I would also appreciate the efforts taken to resolve the issue.

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My Vehicle was delivered on Jan 2021 at Chennai . I was told that RC will be received in 45 days. But didn’t receive it yet. Contacted customer service several times and has emailed also. No appropriate update or action taken from Ather side. Quite disappointing and unsatisfactory.

Did you check the status on mparivahan website we can get the status of RC weather it is dispatched from RTO or not.

I had the same issue.
I bought my scooter in Aug 2019 got my RC some 5 months later. After I emailed ather about it and they had to send it to me via india Post.
Just email them and don’t worry about it. You’ll get it soon enough. I hope you have the soft copy.

Got my Ather original RC yesterday after 60 days. RTO is Kundrathur, Chennai.

Which RTO is your vehicle registered with… Mine is from Shollinganallur RTO, moreover they told me that the delay was due to the the reason that my vehicle was registered during the time when Tamil Nadu Government waived the Registration Fee for Electronic Vehicles and there was a change in the registration charges before and after my registration was done…

RTO is mentioned already in my post… Kundrathur RTO…