Rat biting wiring

Hi all,

I was following Ather’s developments in EV since their launch and really loved the vehicle after taking the test ride in their experience center, a few months later I booked an Ather 450 for myself.

This is my ownership experience and support issues I have been facing since the purchase.

I took the delivery of my Ather 450 on 27th Feb, within few days I started getting M019, M017 errors on my dash and the vehicle used to go on low power mode, I contacted the support team multiple times and every time they suggested switch off and on, restart dash etc. But none of these used to help and the errors used to come back and it is a horrible experience that your vehicle goes into low power mode (that to a brand new vehicle). I kept calling support and every time they used to suggest the same steps, there was lockdown after that during which I didn’t use the vehicle much, and also ather service was also closed.

Post lockdown I contacted the support again and after pushing on the issue multiple times they took the vehicle for service and now they have come back with an estimate of 10k stating rodent issue on wiring.

Why should I bare such huge maintenance for the issue that existed since the purchase and the company doesn’t bother to come and check even after me following up so many times? Why does it cost so much? Where are the warranty and insurance, that too it’s a brand new bike From the image, they shared with me I can’t make out any rodent issue. It looks a wire has come off and that costs 10k?

Its been weeks now the vehicle is with Ather, every time I call the support team I need to explain the entire issue from the beginning and they say they will arrange a call back which many days and all they say is no warranty and no insurance on this. They have deliberately ignored the problem since the delivery and now they want 10k from me.

I would like to alert other Ather 450 owners to be aware of such hefty maintenance, my initial impressions of the company and the vehicle has now become a big mistake to own this, I’m going to cancel my 450x pre-order and also my cousin’s are doing the same.


@abhishek.balaji many user reporting this. Is there any solution for it?

Please plan with accessory to cover wire section.

Wires are assembled openly near motor just by applying some tapes. If those wires were covered with thick plastic casing, it will be helpful.

Using rodent repellent is not a solution. Covering those wires, thats a solution.


From the image, looks like you have a hungry rat near where you park!. I’ve had rodent issues with my car, when one of them cut the wire that triggers my rear parking sensors and reverse lamp. This wasn’t covered under warranty since it wasn’t a manufacturing defect.

I tried anti-rodent sprays, poison, pepper spray and even the expensive ultrasonic repellent - none worked. Finally figured out how they were entering my compound and sealed all those entry points.


I feel pity for your experience but considering Ather is having one of the best design for an electrical bike, its a complete design lapse on not having the protection or cover up near the connectors. In the forum we see lots of harness related issues.

@abhishek.balaji I feel Ather design team has to revisit on some of the design practices and the customer should get what they pay for.

looking at the picture shared in the post by @a8lifestyle the harness should be properly secured by electrical sleeves, conduits and heat shrinkable boots.

Hopefully in future Ather should make improvements interior of the bike, which will not create such issues. I have attached few pics how harness can be protected near the connectors.

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In my case this issue was existing since I took the delivery of the vehicle and also the place where I park is free from rodents and next to a lift where people movement is maximum.

Also from the image, it is not clear as to what is the issue is for which it costs 10k.

If these options are available why has ather not worked on these and 10k on the harness how is it justified.

Think about a new owner, for an issue that is existing from the beginning the support system doesn’t respond properly and after months they respond and come up with 10k is such a horrible experience.


I successfully avoided rats entering my vehicle by spraying eucalyptus oil mixed with water.

Preparation is simple:

Add 2 teaspoons of eucalyptus oil to 100ml water, then add a drop of liquid soap for it to mix well. Use a spray nozzle to spray it on the mudguard and other plastic panels. It works effectively if sprayed everyday.

You can also prepare this repellent using peppermint oil.


Good to know and thanks for the useful info.

  1. How periodic this spraying should be?
  2. Since how long you are able to control? how many months/year?

It works effectively if sprayed everyday as the essence evaporates.

I have been spraying everyday for a month and a half, it was when I started noticing increased movement of rats in and around my scooter. It has helping me keep the rats at bay.

Also, park the vehicle in an open tidy place. It’s the best solution available if you have a pet or a child, it’s all natural. Rat poison is dangerous.

I will update on further results with time.

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I bought the ather 450 and after riding 250kms, a rat went inside and damaged the vehicle. The design I felt is very bad. Because this vehicle is an E-vehicle and if proper design was made how will the rat get inside?

See they are charging to rectify the issue ₹12000…very worst! Now I feel why we went for this vehicle!

An awareness to the public… please don’t buy this bike…design wise worst, Felt very bad and too much costly

Their intension is only to make the money from the customers

Even I faced this situation It is easily climbing up the front wheel and going inside It has already chewed off the insulation of my wires I figured it out on my own luckily and placed a trap in front of the wheel every day

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Well the best defence is put some cat food and lure some street cats, I’ve had the same problem thank god rat bit my activas wiring if it had bitten ather’s I’ve would have shelled a lot, since then I put some cat food near my ather and street cats in the night so there job, the only problem is they scratched my seat cover


leave some dog food on the seat cover so that they will guard the seat cover.


#JustSaying :stuck_out_tongue:


This herbal recipe worked really well for me. I sprayed for 3 months with two gaps of 7-8 days in between, which wasn’t an issue.

It’s always recommended to park your vehicle in an open, clean, sheltered place on solid ground and away from the garden.

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