Rat biting Dot charger wiring

@tarunsmehta I have been a loyal customer for past 1year and 4months. Recently I had faced an issue with my charging wire completely cut off because of rat bite (and looking at the height where the charger has been installed it was bound to happen). I did not expect it to be fixed overnight but atleast I would have expected someone to inspect and advise on the next steps. But that did not happen.

From then my sad story has continued.

Day 1(Oct 11th 12:49pm): After raising a complaint I received an email without ‘any’ inspection that the charging set-up/station has to be re-placed and it will cost me INR10,000. I was quite shocked where just by looking at the picture how come you guys say the charging needs to be replaced. There should be an inspection right?

then I called customer care and after discussing with them and after couple of email exchange I received the below email.

Hi Pravien,


Thanks for writing to us!


We will have this checked and will get back to you. Kindly give us some time.

​ So far no issues everything went well.

Day 2 (Oct 13th): I emailed customer team exactly after 2days no response. Day 3 (Oct 14th): I emailed customer team again but no response, no inspection, nothing. Day 4 (Oct 15th 5pm IST): Since the charging has depleted and I received no communication whatsoever from customer team I had to write a strong email to customer team and my frustration is Ather is of no use without charging (should I tow my bike to get it to ather grid?) I have not got a response even then.

Just now (6pm) I called the customer team and asked them to send me link to the payment since I lost trust in getting a response or any sort of fix from them. My request was to send me the portable charger to my house (mind you on Oct 11th when I called to the customer care they did advise me within EOD after making payment I would receive the portable charger to my house). And during this pandemic time he (customer care) expected me go to experience centre and get the charger myself (I cannot take Ather since my charging now stands at 14km). And the response which I got was pathetic when I asked why cant the person who come to inspect my charging why cant they bring it along. And he expects me to reach out to sales department and when asked for number he told we have one number.

Tarun I do work in Software industry where my job is to always interacting with customer and I can understand if there are miss. If it was some other damn replacement it could have taken time (probably weeks as well). But charging that needs to be fixed or sent over (after payment) should not be delayed. How can I use bike in emergency without charging?

I can understand you guys are short of hand but my request was when you are coming to remove home charging will it take 5persons just to carry over the portable charger (please understand we are still in pandemic)

I am not sure with this kind of customer experience and confusion within your team how well we as a customer we will receive proper service?


Rs.10000 to change the charging setup. :open_mouth: Is there any insurance cover or warranty for this charging setup?

Hey I’ve flagged this to the team to check again. Can you share a few more details on the issue itself? Did the rat biting happen between the Dot and the wall socket or between the Dot and the connector to your vehicle?

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Hi Balaji, Rat biting happened between the Dot and the connector to my vehicle.

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