Range enhancement

Range i noticed low and the power of the scooter not as good like old version i think old version by is better than now Ather in please stop the experiment and you have to think about only how to increase the range of scooter my friend have ola scooter the rang of ola scooter 145 above


Don’t compare Ather to ola bro. My office friend also have blue colour ola scooter since a month. I dont know what happened with him but he asked me several times to exchange with my Ather​:joy::joy::joy:. Also he is not ready to tells about problems of his ola scooter. strange…


You are happy with the range of Ather but i am not

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To avoid further embarrasment


Ya i commute in city so its more than enough for me. If you r not happy with range then you definetly go with others.

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