Ramakrishnan's first impressions - Ather 450X

First ride to the office!

I commute to the office on one of the busiest routes in Chennai. Usually, it takes 50+ minutes with my previous bike. Now riding 450x to the office becomes more fun and enjoyable. Starting from warp mode, suspension everything is amazing.

Had to stop twice to answer commuters’ questions about the flight. One had put a straight question on the pricing, “do you feel justified paying 1.6L for EV”. I replied to him saying, you can only feel the satisfaction of riding one and it makes you proud of your investment in 450x.


Happy to share my another impression here. This time it is not only about the flight but also about our community.

Another day commute, happen to see another 450 owners on the go. We didn’t forget to acknowledge our rides. It feels so good to meet fellow riders and greet each other on a pleasant day.

Together we enticed some good attention. To summarise the event, I made a meme :wink: