Rainy Day Mode isn't a luxury feature anymore, it's a safety requirement

I had a fall many months ago and almost fell a few times before that as well. When I went to Ather event I met other fellow riders who had a fall exactly because of this reason.

Yes! the slipperiness on a wet road is so much that we should forget about sports mode altogether, Another friend of mine said this can be fixed with Michelin tires as he had that in his Activa using MRF as well. I can’t help but wonder this—if MRF can’t handle Activa, how the heck would it handle the sports mode in 450 or even the ride mode!?!? this is a no brainer, I think (I could be wrong)!

We all love our 450s for it’s throttle response and crazy (almost) max torque at 0 RPM. But we’d like that without having to fall on our asses.

To be more specific, the side grip of the tyres during cornering is bad in wet roads and sandy ones too, don’t even imagine quick throttling during rainy season (Also watch out for water tanker spills on the road)

Duke 790 has these rainy day and other ride modes. If ICE engines can get it with ECU stock settings. We certainly can I think?

Hi Navie,

Sorry to hear that… Yes, stock tyres are not good for rainy days… We had discussed this point in one of the thread and you may browse this


By the way, 450x comes with 2 types of tyres. You may opt for soft tyres too. However mileage/range will be compromised.

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