Questions for Owners Meet 3


Hey Everyone!

Q&As have been an important part of our open houses and owners’ meets. This time around though we have a very high number of attendees and having a Q&A session in the event will not be feasible given the time constraints.

However, to still ensure all the questions you guys have get answered, we are opening this thread, where you can post your questions.

Some rules for the thread to be effective:

  1. Ask questions which will help everyone. Some questions can be answered by existing owners and if we feel that can happen, we will prefer them doing it during the open sessions. The moderators will help us prioritize questions if there are more upvoted questions than we can handle.
  2. Each question has to be asked in a separate post.
  3. Please like the question you want to be answered with the ‘:heart:’ button, instead of asking the same question on the thread again.
  4. Please use this thread only to ask questions and not for discussions.

We will be answering as many questions as we can from the most liked/upvoted questions in the time slot allocated for the Q&A round. The remaining questions we will be taking after the event during open sessions :slight_smile:


Touchwood, I was about to ask the same… Instead of adhoc questions, it could be from the most asked questions posted on the thread :slight_smile:

When the next OTA update is expected?


How is Ather planning to continue intelligent services such as dashboard, ride stats, OTA etc for current and future owners when scaling down of 3G services seems imminent?


How does RSA work? When will it be chargeable? When it will not be chargeable? How does Ather plan to accept or reject a request as deliberate or genuine.


There is a discussion in the forum for Ather Community (sharing) Home Charging access. What is the stand of Ather Company on this? Are you willing to experiment for ‘willing’ users?


Need more clarity on DOs and DONTs on going thru water. If something happens to the vehicle when riding thru water logged roads, does it affect warranty or not?


When can we expect the different levels of Regen?
Right now it is very less can this be increased slightly more through the next OTA update.


Quite a number of users have noticed quick drop of 2% when battery SOC passes every 10% (100%, 90% etc…). Is it a bug in SOC calculation? Can you explain this?


Need clarity on charges with Ather One Subscription. General understanding is that the labor charges are free whereas some users are charged during parts replacement. What is Ather’s take on this?


Any option to not get into Limp mode when the range falls below 10kms? User should have an option to manually switch to either Ride or Sport mode (at least to Ride mode). Its too low power in Limp mode and also its doesnt make sense to drive in Limp mode when you are very close to home or Athergrid.


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A post was merged into an existing topic: Prerequisite Q&As Owners’ Meet 3

When is the portable charger coming back in stock? What is the new price after GST cut announcement?


Any update on fixing the lag on the navigation? It is common to miss a turn because of the lag… 2-3 owners highlighted this in forum and during the 2nd owners meet. No updates after that.


Where and how many more public charging points are being installed? Has there been any progress in Bangalore South Region around JP Nagar, RBI Layout, Bannerghatta Road etc


When can we get an easy way to unlock/ release the charging solenoid without the key? We have 3 scooters now sharing the same charging pod (at work), and it’s a pain to get the key each time the charger is to be switched.

  1. Issue of fan noise while charging
  2. while riding continuously for 15-20 mins and then whenever we throttle

Last time we were invited to sign up for activities like the Chennai trip and the Ather grid audit. There was also an Open labs activity in that list. do you have any updates on that?


pinning location option, both on app and dashboard for maps (along with sharing location option from other apps)