Purchase process experience

Great product but a poor customer purchase experience.
Today I am a proud owner of 450X and would like to share my purchase experience.

  • It seems Ather is completely focussed on its product and misses to provide a similar customer experience that is complete.

  • The order booking process was seamless - I was awed, as it was well thought out & complete; everything online.

  • The sales team, instore, and the customer support on phone are well informed and professional.

My issue started after the booking was done. There was a change in delivery timelines - there was no intimation, I had to call to find it out. Had to constantly follow-up to kick start the registration process, did 3-4 calls to initiate the process. I had expressed interest to go for a special number and was willing to pay the extra but the vehicle got registered and the agent never called me, so I am stuck with a number. After registration, had to follow up for scheduling the delivery. All the while there is no intimation on the process to install the charging point at my place - for which I have paid. Now I have the bike and the installation engineer is not free till Monday, next!!! The worst was at the time of delivery - usually this must be the memorable moment - the vehicle was given in an ‘as is’ condition could have been cleaner! The delivery person was helpless about it.
I can go on & on…
Bottom line… great product will have a good market share when there is a good customer experience. I did not have one so far.
Hope the trend would reverse & I will have a good Ather riding experience!!!



Wow! Not cleaned even at delivery time? Ather is really dropping the ball on what is essentially the most important step in the entire process.

@abhishek.balaji What a pathetic customer support… Please improve the service