Pune to Pawana Lake: 90 km Electric Road Trip

Hello Ather Community,

@abhishek.balaji @Pune @ather-bubhandari @tarun I’m glad to share the experience of 2 Ather 450x owners (Amit and myself) where we went on a Road Trip from Pune to the beautiful Pawana Lake!

The total distance traveled was more than 90 km (round trip). We explored what it’s like to drive on the edge - using every bit of range (reached home with 1 km left), charging at a local dhaba, and exploring the beautiful Pawana Lake, the electric way!

You can check out the trip video here

Yes, it was risky to take an EV beyond the reach of a dedicated charger but it was fun to drive it on rural roads for a change, talking to the locals about EVs, letting them experience the future, and convincing the Dhaba to let us charge :slight_smile:

Looking forward to doing more Road Trips!


Sidd @siddharthb1616