[Pune] Community Portable Chargers

Equipment City Host Availability Borrowed by Borrowed on Borrowed till
Charger 1 Ketan Thakur ( @thakur.ketan ) Available @allan.mascarenhas9 15/10/2021 16/10/2021
Charger 2 Ketan Thakur ( @thakur.ketan ) Available

Starting this thread for folks to request borrowing a community portable charger. As a community initiative, Ather has made 2 portable chargers available for the community to use on long/group rides. These are updated portable chargers that work with all vehicles.


  1. A portable charger can be borrowed for free of cost from any of the hosts.

  2. To borrow the portable charger, post on this thread with your location, where you plan to travel, how long you need it for. Then, the host will reach out to you if available, and you can pick it up from them.

  3. Please return to the host after usage in the same condition that you received it.


  1. Should be returned as-is (in working condition), without any physical damage

  2. The default duration is for 2 days, and preference will be for those who choose to borrow for 2 days or sooner.


Pune: @thakur.ketan


@thakur.ketan @abhishek.balaji

Pls add me I am also willing to host my portable charger, also works with all the Ather scooters.

Thank you


Hi @thakur.ketan I will need One portable charger for Saturday, 16th October 2021. Will return it by 8PM on the same day.

Since I am stepping out early that day, I will have to collect it the previous night on 15th October 2021 around 9PM.

Request to provide one accordingly and let me know the time availability of collecting the charger.


Sure. You can come and take it till 9:30 pm.


Has picked it up.


returned the charger

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