Pune Ather Owners Independence Day Ride 2022

@Pune Ather owners, let’s get together to ride our Athers around Pune on 15th of August to celebrate the 76th Independence Day. We will assemble at Ather Experience Centre at 7:15 AM and start the ride at 7:30 AM.

Please vote.

Route: https://maps.app.goo.gl/GLytUFDddZp4zowE7

Videos of previous rides:

Republic Day in 2021: Pune Ather Owner’s First Ride

Independence Day in 2021: Ather Independence Day Ride


I have added the 15th August ride route map. Those who were waiting for the route to vote, please vote.

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I got requests from many Pune folks to change the start time. I have updated the assembly time as 7:15 am and start time as 7:30 am. Those who were reluctant to join as 7:00 am was too early, can vote “Going” now.


I was expecting someone to organize this.

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Let’s reach the Pune Ather Experience Centre tomorrow by 7:15 AM for the ride. We will be providing you flags there. After putting the flag on your Ather, we will leave for the ride. Even if you haven’t voted and feel like joining, you are welcome!


A late report of our ride, better late than never :slight_smile:

We planned to have a short ride with a mix of some empty wide roads and some busy city roads.

The day began with everyone assembling at Ather Experience Center at 7:30 AM. Luckily the rains had taken a break and this meant the weather was pleasant for a nice ride around the city. The tricolour was fixed to all the Athers, supplied by Ather Pune dealer. Some of the sales advisors were present for the ride as well, inspite of it being a holiday for them. The Ather owners enthusiasm got to them as well, I guess! About 15 Ather owners joined the ride. After a quick round of introductions, we started the ride.

And away we went, some videos captured on the way:

First leg of the ride: Ather Experience Center on Law College Road to the Necklace Garden on Pashan-NDA road. We clicked some photos and then were shooed away by security guards there (Army area, what were we thinking! :sweat_smile:).

From there we took took the Pune University Circle - JM Road - FC Road - BMCC till the Ather Experience Center. A ride of 22 kms long enough to enjoy the weather and short enough for everyone to reach home later without needing too much of a charge t the Ather Grid.

After the ride, Ather dealer had arranged snacks and tea for us. We had discussion about our Athers: the positives and some shortcomings that Ather could improve upon.

We checked out the new Ather helmet. Many of us thought it should have been launched earlier. @tarun can we get some more accessories please?

I am sure many more owners will attend the upcoming Republic Day ride, with no rain and much pleasant weather in Pune in January!