Pulse energy app

Has anyone here used the Pulse Energy App ? Is it helpful for Ather owners ?


Looks like it is currently open only for existing EV owners. An invite code is required for non EV owners at the moment.


There is no such queue thou…I signed up yesterday at 9pm and my account got verified too…

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As mentioned above, the queue is for non EV owners at the moment. Care to share an invite code if you have one? :grimacing:

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Does it also show ather grid and other wall chargers ?


(Disclaimer - I am one of the investors at Pulse Energy)

Hi Dhananjay_777, The team is currently working on bringing in support for Ather grid and other wall chargers. They will have this ability by Oct.

There is no queue for EV owners.

If you are an non-EV owners then you can get an access code from another Pulse app user.


Did u get an invite code?

You don’t need an invite code for the app if you have an EV. You can enter the plate number and access the app.

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Pulse Energy app will soon remove the invite code functionality, but for now, if you are not an EV owner, you can just DM their Twitter profile, and they will provide you with an invite code immediately.

Here is the invite code I received: WCEETT

Link to Twitter profile: Pulse Energy

The Twitter response I got from Pulse:

Hi Deepak, Yes, you can. Our next release will allow prospective EV buyers to access the app too. In the meanwhile, please use this code to access the app WCEETT

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The App is now open to all users. It shows Ather Grid chargers, verified 15A sockets and all Fast chargers across India.


Yes it is appearing !

Also update new Ather grid locations as them seem to appering every now and then

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An update: The latest version of the app is feature loaded :zap:.Real time availability monitoring of Ather grid is a great feature to have :tada::zap::+1: