Public charging network from ChargeMod with a unique idea

ChargeMod is a startup from kerala who came up with an unique idea of reusing the KSEB electric poles by placing charging points on them

These chargers will have enough space to park a 3 wheeler or two wheeler They have an app which will allow the user to recharge their account and use the QR scanner to scan the charger to start charging

As a user the advantages i found are

  1. Available almost every 1or 2km with in kerala in most of the towns they are expanding quickly, plans are there to expand to AP, Delhi ,Tamil Nadu

  2. App is easy and user friendly, available in both play store and appstore (ChargeMod)

  3. For four wheelers they have seperate charging stations with standard fast chargers.


  1. You need to carry your portable charger
  2. It’s a slow charger equivalent to home charging
  3. The electric poles doesn’t have any covered parking so it will be tough to charge during adverse weather
  4. Many charging points are away from places of interest so waiting there just for charging your vehicle’s does t make sense

All these said it can be used during desperate times when you are away from home and no fast charging options available or else if at all these points are near any restuarants or malls you can slow charge your vehicle until you are done with your chores.

It is a promising startup and they should come up with some ideas to fast charge the 2 wheelers as the volume is currently more in that sector. And since Ather have opened up the charging tech to all they should try to bring in sone fast chargers soon

Here is a youtube video talking about the start up


Attached are the pictures of the charging infra when i used it for the first time


Good idea can implicated in atleast in Hobli and talook levels in Karnataka. Helps in long ride.


Electric two wheeler makers need to get their act together and have a standardized socket for DC fast charging. Where are government regulations when you need them?

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The Bharath standard for charging infra was in talks for a long time, But it doesn’t seem to make much traction though

Absolutely, I am kinda tired of scooters now. :grinning:… Better, faster and powerful bikes will be awesome (more F77s or KTM equivalent please). For bikes, we definitely need standard FC norms like CCS2.

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Superb idea…need arrangements for two wheeler charging in four wheeler charging stations…expecting in future will come


Hope the battery tech evolve faster to handle the frequent dicharges and have better range , thermal efficiency and

I dont want a bike that can go at 150 for just 100 kms , need more range for sure