Preventive maintenance

Hey there, I got a call from “Ather” and I understand they want to take my 450 for a preventive maintenance as a fall out of customer feedback on delayed throttle response! I have never experienced this so far and I wonder if this a genuine call (I have no chance to check the authenticity of the caller)! Did any of you receive such a call?

I’d got such a call sometime in December last. I was told that it was something to do with charging. So such kind of calls from Ather are not new. If you’re worried about authenticity of the call, you may have to call and check if it was really Ather before handing the vehicle over to anyone.

I heard the same from a few other owners.
I’ve actually had this issue. And so they changed it for me. It’s most probably authentic because a lot of other owners are also getting this call.
I think it’s some sort of sensor issue that they’ve identified in a lot of our athers.
They changed my throttle ( because the outer rubber was melting and getting sticky + throttle response issue ) but I still feel like my throttle response in ride mode is not as good as before. Probably all in my head

I got this call today. They are taking my ather 450 tomorrow for service.

Hey @kkallur, did you give your ather for recall service.? how long did it they take for this service.? Did you find any difference in ride after service?

Also, did anyone else got this kind of recall?

Got my ather back from service. I don’t see any difference. They said they have changed throttle and some software update.