Pre-Orders are now open!

Thanks Buddy. Pre order done!!!


The event was really great! My dad loved the concept and the vehicle. He objected many times when I tried to explain him about Ather. But, when he took the test drive he got stunned by the performance and preordered it immediately after an interactive session with the team.

Kudos to the team!

  1. Where is the Yesterday Pictures & Videos Mr.Shreyas?. Please upload in the FB.

  2. Why is the Chennai Price is Rs.10000 higher than Bangalore?.

Road tax + 2 helmets and transportation charges I guess.


I had test ride the ather 450 on Saturday, the only issue I faced is I had difficulty reaching the side indicator switch, though not a big one. Anybody faced the same issue ?.

Hey I remember speaking to you. I know it can be a problem for a lot of people. But it’s just a small compromise I guess. Switch placement might be an issue for people having small hands. But I have an extremely huge hand. Lol.


Road tax is 4% for EV in Tamilnadu whereas its 0% in Karnataka.

In Bengaluru we haven’t got any Helmets along with 450s (may be its cost is added)

And difference is not 10,000. Its 9,000 (Yeah almost, but to be precise :wink:)

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And difference is not 10,000. Its 9,000

You Are Genius. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah kind of :joy:

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Pre-orders are open for everyone now!

If you have already pre-ordered, do let your friends in Chennai know that they can get one too now! :slight_smile:

Pre-order here

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My order is not getting reflected, have paid 5k and registered a month back order no 13906

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