Pre-Orders are now open!

Hey @Chennai_enthusiasts!

We had a smashing test-ride event at Chennai, over the weekend.More than 500 test-rides and the response was just overwhelming! 2 out of 3 people who were invited pre-ordered the Ather 450 and the first batch is already booked out. We have now opened the 2nd batch exclusively for you, just for a day. If you would like to pre-order one, we suggest you do it today, before it opens up for the rest of Chennai tomorrow.

Your 24 hours exclusive pre-order window is now open.
8th July. Monday. 9AM.

Two early delivery batches. Limited vehicles.
Batch 1 - Sep, 2019 (Booked)
Batch 2 - Nov - Dec, 2019 (Open now)
Batch 3 - Feb, 2020 onwards

Ather One is on us for the first year!
If you’re quick enough to pre-order in the first 2 batches, we will cover one year’s worth of charging, maintenance and data connectivity.

Reserve it now with a fully refundable 5k
This gives you all the privileges of pre-ordering early and lets you follow it up with a test ride at the Ather Space in Nungambakkam. Reserve now, buy later.

Preorder Now!


I could not preorder as my area is not a serviceable, please do needful to pre order

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I too had similar issue and posted here. One of friend in this form, he suggested to use different pincode , later will come to our place

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I’ve done preorder using my daughter’s office area pincode


I too booked using my office pincode. Btw anyone knows where is the atherspace coming up in Chennai ?

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Hey, As of now, I shifted out of Chennai to Hyderabad, Can i preorder ?

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I too faced similar issue while doing preorder as I live in Ambattur, however completed the same yesterday by giving my friend’s address.
Look forward to receive the vehicle in November- December if Ather is committed to timeline.

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I too from Ambattur. I used my office address to booked today . Hopefully nov-dec they will support Ambattur

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Am not able to pre-order. Getting the messsge “pre order window is open only for pre order interest folks”. But i have an invite to pre order.

Appreciate if someone could look into the issue.


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Nungambakkam :slight_smile:

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Wallace Garden road, Nungambakkam. Ironically, it’s replacing the old Harley Davidson store. :smile:


I see that your order ID Is over 11,000
Did they continue the sequence from The Bangalore orders?

If you have got the invite for event after selecting the slot, only after registration at venue you will be able to pre order, but now use the email ID which was used to express interest earlier if that’s not working then for every one in Chennai tommorow pre order opens

Yes they Have continued the order numbers

Hi Harsha, thanks for the response.

I had selected the slot for the past weekend launch event, however due to an unavoidable situation i was not able to make it to the event and register myself.

Today morning i received the email to pre order which would enable me to be included in the owners list for the Batch 2 delivery window. Unfortunately, when i tried to register using the link provided, i ended up getting the message as mentioned in my original comment.

I understand that the registration that opens up for Chennai tomorrow is meant for Batch 3 delivery. Honestly, that seems like a long wait.

Am not sure if the error am facing is a technical glitch. I had expressed interest as a potential customer when the initial mail communication regarding the launch in Chennai.

Let me know if there is still any possibility that i would be able to register for Batch 2 delivery window.


Hey @sriramakrishnan.n,

This shouldn’t happen if you are using the same email address to pre-order that you had used for expressing interest.

Please check and revert here.

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Hi Shreyas,

Am using the same email address which i had used to express my interest for pre order. I tried again now, but ended up facing the same message.

Am pasting the screen shot of the email communication that i received on June 18th regarding the pre order.

Hope there is a way out of this problem.


Yes Suraj, they are continuing the same sequence as Bangalore.

Yes kumar, hopefully by the time we get the delivery Ambattur should be under serviceable area. BTW what is your order I’d?

Hi @sriramakrishnan.n, can you try now?