Portable charger

is there any improvement in this portable charger from 58.8v 12amp to better amperage?

No changes in the performance of the portable charger. It’ll charge at the same rate as the Ather Dot.

Hmm there was a discussion previously that portable charger will be upgraded that is why i asked, maybe they’ll upgrade for 450X

Thx for the information. will call soon to buy the portable charger… Homepod is installed and lovely. Still the scooter is at indranagar. Yet to collect… lock down yet to cleared. damn with the corona.


Iam looking for a portable 2nd Gen charger… if anyone is willing to sell will buy immediately… Thanks

@abhishek.balaji earlier in this thread u have mentioned that portable charger version 2 will cost 5000 plus gst but today i called up customer care they said 9000 plus ? is this true that u have doubled the price of charger?

Yes, we had announced here: https://forum.atherenergy.com/t/owner-alerts/1522/20?u=abhishek.balaji

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Sad to see that Ather has almost doubled the price of portable charger to increase there profit they have taken the customers for ride… very very bad way of doing business this way… u have made the charging point proprietary hence customers are left with no options but to buy from you & please dont think we will believe that raw material costs have gone up etc etc… in electronics prices comes down on mass production but never increases to double.


The price which is 10% of the cost of 450, brings tears in my eyes😭

@abhishek.balaji, Hi Abhishek, I have requested for Version 1 portable charger and I got a mail saying payment link will be sent shortly but it has been quite sometime but nothing has been sent so far, if possible can you help here to speed up the process.

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@abhishek.balaji I have taken my portable charger from Ather space today and ready to share with others as well. Could you please add me portable charger community link as well. Thanks Google Photos



I had opted for the portable charger alone (the black one), at the time of the purchase of the vehicle, and have been using it till date. I’ve been here in Udupi district at my home, with my 450 for the last 3 months.

About three days ago, while the vehicle was charging, it stopped charging midway at 80%, and wouldn’t charge again, despite replugging in the charger multiple times. FYI, the charger shows the green light all the time, and the scooter too didn’t show up any error on the error screen, and everything else seems to be perfectly fine. All that happens is that the scooter detects the charger when it’s plugged in, but says “not charging”.

And yes, I had tried it out with different plug points too; the charger shows the green light in each case.

Looks like some weird anomaly…It’s not currently possible for me to come back to Bengaluru with my 450, or send it across for servicing, any time soon, given the recent unprecedented spike in the number of the COVID-19 cases here in Udupi district.

Please help me solve this.

Thank you!!!

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Any @Ather_Owner near Udupi who can lend a portable charger to Hrithik temporarily to debug?

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I’m from udupi. But my portable charger is in Bangalore.

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Hello! Do you have your 450 in Udupi or somewhere around right now? I’m currently staying at my home in Koteshwar.

No my 450 is in Bangalore.

Hello guys, can anyone comment on the noise in the attached video, is this normal when charger is showing RED or there is some defect with this one?

when there isn’t enough voltage this happens no issue with charger, try different plug if voltage problem is all over the home then try after sometime

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Sure, thank you

@abhishek.balaji, can we opt for portable charger instead of dot. Costs extra?

@abhishek.balaji I would like to go for portable charger instead of dot. Because we stay in rented house and the owner does not want ather dot to be installed. I tried to convince my owner but no luck. So can you issue portable charger in place of ather dot?