Portable charger

then why ather why not F77 ?

Will purchase that also…when launched …:+1::+1: 3.25 lk .I think Ather has capcity to develop that


If Ather make a converter like Telsa which can allow us to use charging points that are planned by the govt on highways.


There are two types of chargers at these public charging locations:

AC chargers:

For these, you can buy or make a simple convertor that’ll let you use a portable charger to top up your battery.

Check this post by Rahul to get a sense of what you’d need: https://forum.atherenergy.com/t/portable-charger/1745/217

DC Fast charger

It’s not about changing the connector shape alone, but the public charging points are meant to be used with a higher battery voltage, which are suitable for cars and not the Ather 450 or 450X.


Does anyone have a second hand portable charger ? Thinking to buy one

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this type of chargers are available in Many BBMP Offices in bengaluru @ K R pura etc, industrial plug with cable and normal Socket 16A setup shown above will be of great help.


Anyone thinking of selling portable charger? Planning to stick on with my first version 450 instead of switching to X. So if anyone planning to exchange 450 with X and having a portable charger please contact…I will buy from you.

hi Rahul i m also plan to take this adaptor plz help me my number is 9164056777 plz call me

Lets hope we have a similar compact version of a portable emergency EV charger.

Blink Charging Unveils First to Market Portable Emergency Electric Vehicle Charger


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Something like an “alt power” too, where you still can set to the “walk” mode and push along without much strain, once out of juice.

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@abhishek.balaji @Ather.Team I wanted to know what happened your new portable charger. When can we expect newly designed charger. I need portable charger for as my daily range in not enough.

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is Portable charger available for purchase. Need it very badly for over the range distance emergency charging. i would want to pick it up immediately


@abhishek.balaji has the portable charger cost increased from 4k to 9k, is the first gen charger priced lower? Is it still available? Why the second gen charger so costly any additional features?

Even I’m not satisfied with the price almost doubled 9135rs/-:relieved:

Yes it’s available now

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No justification for the same either. Increasing this accessory cost is highly unappreciated

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Apologies for the confusion. Update shared here:


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First Gen charger is available, but will not be compatible with your vehicle if you use the Ather Dot. The first gen charger was meant for the vehicles with the onboard charger

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is there any improvement in this portable charger from 58.8v 12amp to better amperage?

No changes in the performance of the portable charger. It’ll charge at the same rate as the Ather Dot.