Portable charger

Thanks for the reply bro. Looks valid one.

I like to buy it and your contact number plz

Any one interested in selling portable charger… Plz contact me @ 9952974584

Sorry, you are too late. I’ve sold mine to @prasathvishnu already :slight_smile: .

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My portable charger was not working. I gave for service on 21.2.20 and today 24.2.20 replaced with new charger thanks to service team.


Hi all

May i know the price and availability for this portable charger

I called CS today for the portable charger. They said that they are working on a new design and will take upto 15-20days. Maybe we can expect it in April.

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Hmm that is why it is out of stock from January

Looking forward to the release of the new version.

hope they release atleast 20 amp charger instead of 12 amp

yes me too waiting for same

Was informed that will be available in a week… Hope will keep their words

Im already eager to buy one

I have on suggestion to Ather team that they have to made portable charger as fast charging as of in Ultravilete F77 Bike they made it fast charging so that we can go long distance. Ather also have to do same https://www.ultraviolette.com/energy.html

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The Ultraviolette has a CCS2 for use with public charging points and Ultraviolette fast chargers. They do not have any Home Fast chargers. Economics of running a fast charger for personal use is not justified with today’s Li-on battery chemistry and cost of operation.


I am not talking of regular charging in dc fast charger… for long travel they designed fast charger from AC supply only

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It’s been addressed here: https://forum.atherenergy.com/t/athergrid-locations/294/473?u=abhishek.balaji

It’s not feasible from a cost perspective, and not everyone wold want it.


See if you want to travel from bangalore to Hassan its 180 K M If you use slow charger we have to sleep in middle only.Then it seems Ather is only for city rides not for long distance right…? I am very much interested in getting one portable fast charger for what ever may be the cost


Ather 450 and 450X are definitely for urban city commutes, and we don’t have plans to add Ather Grids between cities. It won’t be comfortable on an Ather either.

There are folks who’ve traveled between cities, but as you mentioned, it involves stopping at places to charge for a few hours each time.

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Can i get it in open market…?