Portable charger

Like portable charger Ather Dot is also compatible to any Ather or its vehicle specific locked ?

Ather dot is a Home charger. So your Ather dot is paired to your scooter.

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Hey Sorry, missed your message. Please DM your number

Hi Guys,

Anyone looking to sell the portable charger ?

  1. Which portable charger? The Cable (old) or the Dash (new)
  2. Make use of the community portable charger if it is for small weekend rides or something similar. In Bengaluru it is with @rajeshkav, @raghav.srinivasan and @abhishek.balaji. In Chennai it is with @Rahul

@Ather.Team is there any future plan WARP /FAST portable chargers for Ather 450 ?

Can i get it i am getting delivery soon…? Contact me on 9448421523

Can we have fast charging for home?

Fast charger for home does not exist yet with Ather, owing to battery health care. Home charger is supposed to be used overnight. Daily fast charging will deplete battery health rapidly. Only Ather grid has fast charge, because it will help us be on move quickly if we are close to running out of charge.


Hi @Ather.Team

I have been waiting for portable charger for more than a month now. Is it possible to arrange for one ASAP. Every time I call CC its same response saying no stock.

@abhishek.balaji hi! There is demand for portable charger. Then why ATHER doesn’t have stock. A

Replenishment of stock of portable chargers must be taken up on priority. It may not be always possible to plan our rides depending on the charge available in the battery when we leave our home and thats when a portable charger would come handy and when huge tracts of areas are not installed with fast chargers. Request Ather to replenish stock quickly.

@abhishek.balaji I am waiting for Portable charger from more than a month. Still i didn’t got any updates. Can you please brief what is real reason for out of stock of portable chargers?

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Anyone willing to lend out portable charger for a week? Until DoT is fixed ? Or anyone having the portable charger payment link ? If you are not interested I will take it

If you are 450 owner, you may ask any of these Community Chargers on loan


@abhishek.balaji why is there too much shortage of APC even i ordered in Jan they said it’ll be available in Feb and now they Feb is about to end and still there is no stock any idea how long it’ll take?

What is the difference between Portable charger V1and V2?

Read the below quoted post of mine

Thanks for the reply bro. Looks valid one.

I like to buy it and your contact number plz