Portable charger

Use this type


Its same as ather dot timings

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Most of the use case where people buy portable charger is when they are travelling long distance. Imagine if they have to wait for 5+hrs l, defeats the purpose.


If ather had to reply to this. They would probably say
“We do not recommend you to ride outside our current serviceable area”
No offense.
That aside the old charger would have taken close to4 hours too.


Yes Ather travel charger is pretty much useless,
Upcoming UV F77 bikes provide 3 kW fast charger which would be usable on the road !!

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kWh consumption on Travel charger,
So it’s easy for Atherians to pay to shop exactly per the kWh /Unit of electricity consumed.

Usually while on road trip, we use to charge outside, so this feature will come in very handy.

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Guys got my vehicle today and my charger is not inserting in it

Some Black colour part is inside which is not letting the charger to get in any suggestions please need to charge the vehicle it’s almost drain

Can you share a photo ?

That’s the solenoid lock. Shutdown and restart the scooter…it’ll release and you can charge normally.

Thanku hemanth now I can charge.

Thanku Suraj for your reply now it’s charging

i borrowed my friend’s ather for few months, and the only choice i have is portable charger.

Didn’t you get a 16a to 6a conversion plug with this Version 2.0

No, I just have the new portable charger. Borrower must make arrangements for any adapter if necessary.

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@abhishek.balaji @Ather.Team Ather has any plans of making fast portable charger? For long distance riders!! (or may be relatively faster than current portable charger and a little slower than the Ather grid fast charger??)

I Got my personal portable charge 2.0, it had 16a to 6a converter with it

the Current dot charger and the portable charger are almost the same without the dot’s cover’s and external lights, 3.5 hour 0 to 80% charge time why ask them to make a slow DC charger a fast DC charger is required

Fast chargers are expensive and power hungry. The location where you want to plug in a fast charger needs to have the correctly rated wiring to work. You can’t expect this on highways, etc. look at @Abhishek ‘s travelogues and see how many places don’t even have proper grounding.


Hmm Grounding problem is somewhat resolved with 2.0 charger, because I tested it at a non grounded place and it worked perfectly fine, now need for high current it there because the current fast charging might be 3 phased ac sourced that is what its able to provide so much amp to the vehicle, but drawing a 16 amp mean 220v x 16 you can literally draw 3500 watts of ac power I’m pretty sure ather can design a better single phased ac to DC charger upto 30 amps at 58.8v instead of 12 amps which further reduces the charge time to 2 hours for 80 percentage charge

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Please let me know when this charger will be available. I really need this charger as my daily ride is more …!! @Ather.Team please do the needful immediately.