Portable charger Not working

Portable charger suddenly stop working while no use condition …

On 22-05-2020 used the portable charger to charge the scooter to 100%. After that, as usual I removed the charger and kept. 23-05-2020 used the scooter for 45km. 24-05-2020 heavy rains in Bengaluru and my scooter was on the road only. 25-05-2020 morning 5:30am, there was no rain and the climate was cool. So planned to put the scooter for charging. After putting for charging, there is no charge start sound. So started cross check things.

Observed the following

  1. Charger adapter showing red light
  2. No fan running
  3. Charge point it is not locked with scooter
  4. No display about charging guide (turn off key to charge)

Removed the charger and checked separately. The portable charger looks like it’s dead…no sound, no little vibration…only red light on adapter.

Complaint raised through mobile App…

Any body face this same problem .?!!


Solid red light means that there is some fault in the charger. Please contact customer support (which you’ve already done via the app)

Before that, the manual gives a troubleshooting process step. Did you do that? If not, check that too. Below is the extract from the manual

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Tried no use… waiting reply from CC.

Went to grid place and charging scooter …

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My travel charger is not working It’s been a couple of months only Did anyone face this issue Trouble in second month

Reach out to customer service regarding this? If there’s an issue, they’ll replace/repair it under warranty.

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