Poll - Electric Scooter - Which one will you choose

Hello Ather Community,

I’m Kamlesh from the PluginIndia platform and i wanted to share the PluginIndia Poll of the Month

We recently spoke about purchase options in performance electric scooters in our Mid 2021 - Buyers Guide video and article. So, what is your choice?

Do vote.

  1. Ather 450X or 450 Plus
  2. Ampere Magnus Pro
  3. BGauss B8
  4. Benling or Gemopai
  5. Earth Energy Glyde+
  6. Hero Electric Photon
  7. Okinawa iPraise+ or Praise Pro
  8. PURE EV ePluto 7G or eTrance NEO
  9. BIG ICE brands only! TVS iQube or Bajaj Chetak
  10. Waiting for Simple One!
  11. Waiting for OLA Electric!


  • The poll is shared across our 2000+ EV owners groups and more. Thus we use an external polling service. We also list the poll on our home page.
  • Most of you are Ather owners and love the brand! If you are, what will your choice be for say a family member? Do think about that and vote!