Policies and Changes

Thread to update users on policy changes, changes in pricing, etc.

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The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MORTH) has issued a notice to various departments allowing the use of digital platforms to carry transport related documents for verification.

Ather Owners can simply store their road documents electronically in their 450/340 and retrieve it from the dashboard during verification. :slight_smile:


Hi all,

Here is a quick update on the new FAME 2 policy.

The FAME 2 policy mandates that we re-test and re-register the vehicle to qualify under the new subsidy scheme. This process is required to confirm the exact amount of subsidy which is unclear today. All the required processes have been initiated. As soon as we get a go-ahead from the authorities we will confirm the subsidy amount, open the payment window for April customers and re-start billing. We are ready to deliver the vehicles once we get further clarity.