Pillion rider foot rest

Can you provide foot rest for women pillion riders? We feel it is uncomfortable for them if they put both leg oneside and sit.


Definitely agree. Need to have a solution for this.


Still no solution from ATHER TEAM :sob:


It’s a must for Indian ladies

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This request was pending for long.I think Ather will hear this time and provide in Ather 450x pro.

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May be All are busy in 450X, so that still no results for footrest

Bro I see all your comments. I think Ather should deliver a customised scooter for you. I am unsure whether you are aware that you can

Whoh!!! thats good.I understand that you told this because of your previous experience when Ather delivered a custom scooter made for you…

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You can always fix the things you need on your own bro :blush:. Footrest, 72V battery, etc

Its wise not to respond for stupid comments.

It’s even wise to think and ask😂

@karthikramiyer @rsrinivasang relax guys, let’s avoid name calling, and have healthy discussions here.

@karthikramiyer, at this point where the 450X will enter production shortly, it’s not feasible to make major changes to accommodate this. We had clarified multiple times earlier that adding a pillion footrest is not possible in the current frame design.


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Is it comfortable for pillion rider in a saree - Ather 450?


It’s 50:50


Do we have any after market foot rest for ladies ? please recommend a solution ?


Ather design makes it very difficult to fit one.

Ather missed this in Ather 450…same design carried over to 450X as well…and for how many more forthcoming models?

I had asked @tarun about footrest for ladies during Pune open house. He had mentioned that it’s not possible with the current design. So maybe we will have to wait till they get a scooter with complete new design or a bike.

Attaching image for reference so that it’s clear what we are talking about.


We made a customised Side footrest with Stainless steel first grade for my Mom to climb and sit comfortably. It is fixed with length bolts in pre-available screw spots and no alterations to frame.

This can support a load upto 80kg and is useful for foot placement in Triples ride also.