Periodic Service Online Booking

I recently got my vehicle serviced after completing 5000 kms. I have noticed a few things which bothered me as an ICE owner which is continuing with Ather, so here are the requests:

  1. Periodic service should be a push service rather than pull, Ather should be scheduling the 5k and 10k service by calling the customer rather than the other way around.

  2. Periodic and incidental service booking request should be through the website,where we could write what the problem is and add photos if required and we should be able to have a issue/service record tracking on the website. Have the choice of available dates and time slots for vehicle service pickup while booking the request.

  3. Add emergency assist and service numbers in the vehicle settings screen, in case i don’t have access to the app/ family members driving and require emergency numbers.

  4. Have a Service call request button on the vehicle screen so that Customer care can call the customer rather than we call and wait to speak to a CC specialist.

  5. Lessen the reason for human interaction to ease the process as the community grows.