Performance reduction in Ather 450

I have observed the performance reduction in the Ather 450 while driving. If i apply a sudden brake while driving, after that the performance is like in Eco mode even though i am in Ride mode. This continues for around 2 min and then automatically returns to the Ride mode performance. I have observed this behavior 4 to 5 times in last 2 months. During these times, the power consummation is showing more and range is decreasing too fast. Is anyone observed similar behavior? Is there any reason behind this kind of performance reduction?

I too agree with u, I have also observed that!!!

Probably your brakes are getting jammed. Get them checked .

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My breaks haven’t got jammed, I’m observing from last 1 month…

I also think breaks are jammed… Get it checked from EC my 450x had less rolling & efficiency dropped… the culprit was front break slightly sticking…


Yes…think so. I could feel the same when i move vehicle from parking place, sometimes can hear the sound also