Parking brake/Hill hold button on dashboard display

Would be great if a software button is designed on the dashboard screen to apply the hill hold as and when required instead if keep the hill hold setting enabled at all times.


Seriously? Why? Then what’s the use instead they cloud have given brake lock that’s present in petrol scooters, All these R&D and software development was done for this automatic function , i am using auto Hold and it only works in the inclined surfaces and whenever i feel like moving i just accelerate and move , Display Button is such a old school :rofl::rofl::rofl:


There is some resistance provided by the motor even when nt on an incline. Also incase we are on the incline and want to move a little back… its nt possible. Faced this inconvenience today


Just click Brake to Release and apply Brake again to get Back AutoHold™ :white_check_mark:


Cars have the same thing. And user can disable the same on the go when not required, Ather might consider this in future. Maybe not

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To make it less distractible and hands free, so they did it by software

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I have noticed this when parked on a flat area, and there were bikes on the side. Had to press breaks several times and move slowly because of this Auto hold which got activated even when it was not a slope.

But the latest update it has been resolved, once the break is pressed Auto hold feature is disabled.


@keith_rocha93 I agree. Even I felt this many times. I guess the auto hold will be active only when the scooter is on an incline that can be detected by the hardware. Because many a time I’m unable to activate the feature when there is a slight incline and I wished if the auto hold would help me to make my hands free from holding the brake liver.


Yes, this is another thing that need a mention. I’m on the latest update, but today I felt even on the Autohold is enabled, the scooter is moving slightly, very slowly, nothing to be concerned, but still it was.