Paddock stand

When I bought the Ather I decided to visit the Indiranagar showroom instead of getting the bike delivered to my house. At the showroom, my bike was propped up on a centre stand that one would normally see in any sports motorcycle expo or a moto gp tournament

I want to know whether Ather is willing to sell a stand like this to customers as it gets kinda hard while washing the bike or while fixing a puncture

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@Ather.Team, is there any paddock stand that you can recommend based on the ones that you’ve already used in a few places. I’m planning to buy one


Have anybody bought a paddock stand for Ather…?

i bought it from amazon and returned it as it is not fitting properly

so, buy it only from a store directly so that u can see it physically before buying

I went to AtherSpace and took the pic.
You can use it at reference when you buy one

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Did u enquire in Ather Space if this is available to buy from them ? Or where can v get one ?

A basic question… When do u guys plan to use this? When cleaning or every day as a center stand?

i bought it because of tight parking space (there are 5 vehicles parked apart from flight in a very small area) and also is helpful while cleaning

Any reference to where we can get it from? Or the amazon one, then link to it would be better.

i have returned (amazon) it as it was not fitting for my flight

u can find it in any accessories store

will cost above 3.5k

Oh okay. Is it something which you can fit every day easily without any installation?

It’s not really required if you have adequate parking space.

Yeah, right now, my usecase is only for cleaning… Coz, I have to do all Yoga positions to clean the rims and wheels… :smiley:

But once we buy car, I have to park my two wheeer on common parking where its congested… So, was asking if this is something which we can use it easily…


Don’t buy it just for cleaning. It’s not worth. Buy it only when you get a car.

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Here you go for paddock.


Ather does not sell accessories, As you said even i had hard time washing and cleaning my Ather by myself with just the side stand. Tried many paddock stands but they are all designed for KTM’s and other superbikes, the size did not match perfectly for our Ather or the quality was not up to the mark or the design was like it will scratch the swing arm & would damage the wheel pulley. Finally I custom made it with the right measurements and it suits perfectly. Made with heavy duty ISI tubes. It costs 3K, DM me if you want to buy one or to know more details.


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Hi there, I also want a padlock stand but I stay in Bangalore. Please advise if I can get it somewhere in Bangalore Awaiting your response