Ownership Journey Towards your Ather

You can share and discuss the ownership journey of your Ather Scooter in this thread.

Feels nice to be part of Ather forum…
When is the 450 delivery scheduled?

We are planning to start scheduled deliveries by mid to end of August.

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Will the deliveries be according to the Order IDs?
If yes, delivery till what Order ID is expected to be completed in the first batch of Aug-Oct?

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Hey Hemanth,

We are still working on the production schedule, and won’t be able to say the Order ID that’s expected to be delivered in the Aug-Oct slot, will get back to you when there’s more clarity on it.

My Order ID 1067 when can i get the vehicle

Hi @hjmanjunath,

Order IDs haven’t been mapped to delivery dates yet, we are working on getting a narrower time window based on order IDs once production stabilizes.

We will keep you posted on this, it should be delivered in the delivery window promised to you.

@Shreyas when does the payment need to be done? Is it at the time of installation of charging point at home or just before the delivery.

It will be great if you have a kind of counter for the number of deliveries done on your website or the forum. So folks know when there turn is coming.


Considering the fact that there are still contemplations going on about few features (e.g. ALS) which will be included in the delivered vehicles, it seems we are still away from finalised production model which further means a long way when the first fleet of delivery vehicles is ready. Nevertheless am still excited keeping my fingers crossed :slight_smile:.

Shifted to Bangalore 6 months back and deferred my decision to buy any other bike for the super awesome Ather. Been riding on a temp, an old junk borrowed from a friend :stuck_out_tongue:
Checking my inbox everyday eagerly waiting for that email with the header “Hello from Ather! Your wait is finally over…” :slight_smile:


Hey @srinivas29, the full payment will have to be done a few days before your delivery. Not exactly at the time of charging installation.

As for the delivery counter, we will see if it can be added.

@kumaranchal, no. All the features that go into the vehicle for the first batch of production are frozen and we already have started working on building those vehicles in the factory.

As said earlier, ALS will not be available for this version.

Can i register the scooter in my dad’s name at the time of registration?

Guys, i need this bike ASAP. I have nothing to commute to office. If this is not done earlier i have no option cancelling and buying other bikes… Pls help!!

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I also need the bike as I am unable to arrange an alternate during the interim. Could you please bring some method to speed up allocation based on people who are adding it as a second bike vs the only bike. I am stuck in a way as the delivery is taking time and I can’t buy another

@hari.terra, @ranjith.raghunathan lol, you can buy a used scooter for 10k. And you can sell it back (maybe even for a little higher price) once you get your ather :slight_smile:. There is always an option to cancel Ather an buy a brand new conventional bike at half the price but as a passionate Ather fan, I know you wont :wink: Unfortunately this un-ending eagerness is part of an early adopter’s frustration. Stay on buddy…for the good cause.


O.K waiting for 1 lakh bike, dont want to invest on 10k bike :slight_smile:

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what is ALS feature?

Ambient Light Sensor which will enable auto dim/brighten of the LCD display based on surrounding light. Means lower brightness in dark and brighter in sunlight.


@Shreyas too many upgraded/enhanced features for next version lined up. Can you please plan those in a way that the first gen vehicles can be easily upgraded with a reasonable cost. Ofcourse, we don’t want to feel sorry later for being an early adopter and miss out on those cool & utility features.