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Well basically when you overinflate a tyre. It’ll tend to have less traction. Because less of the tyre is actually in contact with the tarmac. Same reason why you reduce the pressure in tyres which are going to be taken off-road like on sand, to increase traction. And since contact is a bit lower, the efficiency will be a tad bit better.


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In the last few months, i hardly used shut-down may be zero in last 2-3 months. Yesterday, I used shut-down because I had a need and SOC was 63%.

When I started the vehicle back around 10 hours later, I noticed it was 5% down. If I remember right, the drain rate with shut-down was 1-2% overnight. Can some one confirm that please?

Maybe cold climate affect battery degradation.

No, I remember using shut down for many months including winter seasons and the drain was very low during shutdown. If anyone else can confirm, that will help me to see if I need to report to customer care.

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Hey ather owners. I wanted to know who here on the forum has the highest ODO reading. I’m assuming it’ll mostly be the 2018 owners or maybe even some 2019 owners. If you’ve riden over 25k Km do post here, I think a lot of us would love to know. Anyone clocked 30k yet? @abhishek.balaji maybe you can disclose the numbers ? Or maybe it already is disclosed ? No need to know who but could you tell us how many Km ? @Abhishek you’ve done over 25 k right?

For mine not that much kms

Time period 2019 /Dec/19 to 2020/Nov/24 (11,700 kms)

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Can’t share others’ data, but would love to hear from owners who’ve clocked more than 20k or even 25k kms.

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Come on ather what is this? This charging problem happens way too much. And this time it didn’t even recognize that it’s a charging error. I had to go back and reset the dot again. The one thing which should pretty reliable in an EV isn’t reliable here, I’m really disappointed. After using my 450 for over 6 months now this is the only problem I’ve had. Luckily for me there is a fast charger near my house so I can go top up the battery enough for my needs in 15 minutes. I’m not sure if there is a problem only with my dot or it’s a general problem, but I don’t trust my dot enough to plug it in overnight and have a full charge the next morning. It’s been a let down.


And it happened again. It’s really frustrating. :sweat:

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I weigh around 90kg, so along with the pillion around 80kg what will be the performance?

Nothing will change u can enjoy the performance :heart_eyes:

Your range will definitely reduce but not significantly. If you coast accelerator properly( no sudden pull, gradual speed increase etc), you may even get the same true range. Performance wise not a noticeable difference unless you are on an incline

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This looks like it could be an issue with the grounding or power fluctuations at your location. In any case, report this to Customer Support if this is still occuring.

How to actually trigger regeneration?

Twist the throttle in opposite direction. You will feel little bit of breaking. It works at SoC below 84% and speed above 20kmph.

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Can you please elaborate??

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