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Adding to what others have said, you can turn it off in the dashboard settings if you want, look for “real time efficiency indicator” and toggle it off.


The real time efficiency indicator is not as real as it should be, there is a dealt of 2-4 seconds when you twist the throttle and the screen shows the glow, even when you have let go of the throttle it will still be glowing red and after a few seconds updates on screen…

Can this lag be removed?

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That’s how it’s supposed to work, when you turn the throttle, you can’t calculate efficiency at that moment, it considers the last few seconds of your riding to gauge the efficiency and then show you an indication on the screen.


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@abhishek.balaji Today 06/11/2020 booked 450 scooter and Check the delivery time schedule

@abhishek.balaji Delivery time given OCT/2020

HOW ITS POSSIBLE explain me :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Suggest you call customer care. Fastest response that way. Abhishek and others are probably busy with 450x deliveries.

Was it meant to be October 2021…

Yes now a days @abhishek.balaji too busy …:no_mouth:

Sir, which EV you have? 450 or 450X?

How is the performance of the EV at uphill roads?

450 It is a good experience if you need my detail opinion I have DM you can have a talk

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Thanks for the reply. I just wanted to know how the EV performance is at uphill roads.

It is quite good actually! They have tested the vehicle extensively on steep slopes to ensure that it performs very well.

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On par with 125cc scooters

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I disagree. It outperforms ICE scooters uphill hands down


The 450’s sport mode is almost on par with say… Ntorq125.


Only exception I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Will there be any issues if both the tyres are filled to 32PSI with nitrogen?

If you’re riding with a pillion. Not an issue. If you don’t. Then just be careful and don’t lock up your rear wheels. Your efficiency will even be a tad bit better.