Ownership Experience

That was a very old post, long before I even took delivery of the bike. Not sure how it is relevant now.

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Sorry, I didn’t check the date of your post. Dec '18.

I noticed something very strange and scary today, I was trying to use the revert throttle for regen. Light reverse throttle you can feel the breaking. Add a bit more effort and the scooter jumps off before slowing down. Scared me, hoping to slow down and it jumps off.

Did any one else face this?

@abhishek.balaji is this a bug

Did anyone here experience their scooter moving forward for a bit when the throttle is twisted in opposite direction with a bit of effort even at stand still.

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hi i am facing the same issue. is this issue solved? is it working after shutdown now? please see my post https://forum.atherenergy.com/t/after-shutdown-my-450-not-turning-on-when-key-on/7500

Hi Srinivas, I am also facing a same issue, I noticed some wire is blocking the front mudguard, so feeling difficulty while turning left

This problem we have to be face … bcoz still there is no permanent solution from ather service team…

450 recently I had been to my cousin’s place I had to park my 450 in the basement. There is a gate inside the basment I had to stop n opened the gate which in in the basement it was steep down like down hill then side stand ans stoped untill I could remove my helmet after getting gown my 450 since it was steep it rolled down a distance of 2feet with the side stand open and the side Stang ght closed after the room and it fell had minor scratches and rear brake lever got folder. This is not the first time I felt about this rolling of my 450 whenever I used to park @ steep roads I was really disappointed when I found out actually rolls with the side stand and does not stop until it falls Since there was no handbrake in the 450 and it easily rolls down My suggestion to the ather 450 please get an accessory which helps 450 not to roll and stop in one place in simple words I would request to install a handbrake which would be helpful in the downhill or like a down hill assist


We also raise the request for hand brake…

May be we can get in 450x

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It would be nice if we have a provision to change theme in the dash from the app like smart watch dial theme… So people have different style of dash of their taste @abhishek.balaji

Is there any posible to add crash gaurd in the floating floor panels where a circular cut is there

U can add plastic guard at ur own risk ,

Congratulations to @aditya.51187, @capshankar and the 8 others who complete 2 years today with their Ather 450 scooters.

Whenever I hear 9/11 The first thing that comes to my mind is WTC and then Ather delivery! :grin:


I’m expecting today as the right day that ather would choose to unveil their collectors edition.


Actually the expectation is two months back. But if it comes today we will take it. :grin:

Wow. 2 years already. Time flies. Kudos to @tarun @swapniljain and the whole Ather team for making this happen. A true make in India concept and a product. I’m incredibly lucky to have been there to see the progress and excellence in the EV field! I’m excited to see what you guys have in store for us for years to come! It’s just a beginning. You guys are going pan India with the 450x now. And eventually global! And maybe a mass market product soon :smiley: I was never an EV guy. Ather got me interested in EV. Once you go EV you never go back! :joy: Hats off to you guys! You guys are the best! :heart_eyes:


Hi folks

Do we need service plan first of all ???

I was charged unfairly Even under opting for ather one service plan

For horn

I was charged for a horn switch plus labour charges too was added in bill which paid.

Call center says I need pay this even after explaining about subscribed ather one service plan .

Please think twice before optting meaningless ather service plan

This could just be a one off case. As I’ve been on the service plan too and I’ve gotten my horn switch changed twice for no cost whatsoever. Doorstep service. @abhishek.balaji could you please clear this out? Is labour and things like switches not covered under service plan? Has there been a change in what th service plan covers ?

@abhishek.balaji kindly explain plz ??

Just raised this with the team, will check and get back to you soon on this