Ownership Experience

How is your experience with hero finance?

The agent call me almost 1week after down payment for documents and now even after a week the loan is still not disbursed. I was promised same on June 15th so the loan repayment would start on 8th July when I had chance of scooter being delivered.

The entire process has been going at a snails pace.

I’m not pleased with the experience of buying.

Less than one week time if I walked into a showroom and said I want to buy an access 125. I would be delivered. Here it is couple of months + plus the added drama by Hero.

@abhishek.balaji can you at least help me with a faster RTO process.



@Ather_Owner Want to know if any of you own Two Athers? or Two Electic bikes? Please share your experience of owning and maintaing two electric bikes?

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I believe @abhijit11051994 from Chennai had purchased two scooters during the launch. He had shared his experience in October last year:

Feel free to share any additional queries that you might have :slight_smile:


Thank you @abhishek.balaji.

WOW!!! @abhijit11051994 :+1:

The post that you have in the forum is your experience during the initial days of your purchase. Could you please elaborate and share your in-depth issues you might have faced on daily basis?

regarding charging: if you have two Ather Dots installed or single Dot?

OTA updates: did both bikes installed the OTA sucessfully? or faced problems?

Rides: Did you enconter any errors?

Your experience will help others who are planning to buy Two Athers in future.

I have got delivered my Ather 450 on January 30, 2020.:smile: One of the best EV scooter to have. Really enjoying the ride. I have tried to check its range if it really comes only 75km in eco mode. I stay at Mahalakshmi, I have planed solo ride to Shivagange. It’s been 44km from my home. And I could achieve the range of 102km overall range. When I returned home 10km of range left in the vehicle. I have mentained the speed of 30 to 40km for entire trip.

What I liked

  1. Design is brilliant
  2. An eye catcher on the road
  3. People enquire about it
  4. More under seat storage 5.Ride statistics
  5. Sufficient range within City

What I didn’t like

  1. Seat design, it should have been plain
  2. Pillion rider footrest for women
  3. No centre stand
  4. It will not show real-time range based on ride pattern
  5. When using maps, it will show destination where we are heading to, somehow should have option to hide it on the display.

It’,s been 1500km ride from my Ather 450. Overall I am satisfied with its performance.


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Hello everybody, me and my dad bought 2 athers without giving a second thought and no regrets till date! Infact I feel bad that ather didn’t come to chennai sooner.

Dad’s a proud owner of RE for over 35 years. I said this during a meeting at ather space and I say it again, ather is pleasing him more than any other ICE vehicle ever did.

Coming to the cost part of it, around 50k from my dad’s side on fuel and around 25k from my side annually is the saving. Add to this that our charging is completely free as our home runs on solar and add to this the ather ONE plan, its like ather is literally paying us money to keep going.

The vehicle experience couldn’t have been better. I don’t advise this, but during last year’s rains, I had to take it till a point where water was on par with the floor board. Nothing happened.

If I have to net pick on areas for improvement, again this is not consistent with all athers, but my ather for some reason keeps losing out on the rear tyre pressure.

It’s been exactly 1 year and I’m still getting the exact same range that is displayed.

My dad’s ather has completed clost to 7k kms and mine around 5.5k.

And guys, my ather still hasn’t received the dark theme :expressionless:

Ownership experience, 10 being the highest, I’d rate 8.8/10.


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I feel the tracking of Ather when turned off is wrong when each time the scooter syncs with the cloud. My scooter is currently in Chennai and the app shows that it is in Bengaluru. I face this issue many times. Could anyone let me know if this is the behaviour?image

Ok I had this noise for a few weeks … I ignored it and now the sound is Reduced. Ib think it is the motor belt sound when there is too much tension to it…

Hi ather owners, Does anybody knows about my scooter’s issue detailed below? While running, a strange noise is coming from below the battery pack. It is as though something below the platform near the wheel is rubbing with the wheel or motor. (Sound is something likechikyu kyu))


  1. This noise is not coming when I’m accelerating but when there’s zero acceleration, I can hear the noise clearly.
  2. when the scooter speed increases, then automatically this noise is also increasing.

If any one knows about this issue, please help me!

Have you tried cleaning your belt? Likely that there’s some mud or dirt stuck there causing the noise. It it persists, do reach out to the service team for an inspection.

To clarify, we got our Ather 450 in Oct 2019. As far as I know, the Ather Dot charger is provided as part of the cost of the vehicle. The portable charger is at additional cost. That was pretty much clear.

That was a very old post, long before I even took delivery of the bike. Not sure how it is relevant now.

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Sorry, I didn’t check the date of your post. Dec '18.

I noticed something very strange and scary today, I was trying to use the revert throttle for regen. Light reverse throttle you can feel the breaking. Add a bit more effort and the scooter jumps off before slowing down. Scared me, hoping to slow down and it jumps off.

Did any one else face this?

@abhishek.balaji is this a bug

Did anyone here experience their scooter moving forward for a bit when the throttle is twisted in opposite direction with a bit of effort even at stand still.

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hi i am facing the same issue. is this issue solved? is it working after shutdown now? please see my post https://forum.atherenergy.com/t/after-shutdown-my-450-not-turning-on-when-key-on/7500