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I had faced this during the initial days of my scooter. This was corrected in the first owners’ meet in April 2019. It took them just 5 mins. I had mentioned the same in the meet report (quoted below).

Some hose/tube/wire blocks it from turning it completely to the left. Last week, the issue has crept up again.

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Calling the CC would solve the problem ?

It should. Best is you report it through the app itself (if it opens for you) and someone from the service team will get in touch with you. Being a minor issue, either someone will correct it at your doorstep or they’ll schedule a pickup.

Thanks bro. App is loading :joy:

Short update to this…the vehicle is charging. When we checked it a few minutes ago, It had reached 100% and we’ve switched it off now. If it repeats, I’ll report it.

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That’s odd, can you report this to the Customer Service team or raise a ticket through the app?

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How does one keep the duration of the red halo around the range available (ride screen) to a minimum?

Accelerate gently. That’s the secret not to see the red halo.

The halo stays for a longer duration in this scenario. I slow down on a flat road to go over a speed breaker and then followed by an incline. As its an incline, I need more torque. This is when the halo kicks in. Would ride mode reduce the halo? Probably, I can momentarily shut down acceleration and switch to ride mode just before going over the hump and once I cover most part of the incline, shut off accelerator and switch over to sport mode. Quite a lot of roads in Bangalore have these inclines and road humps. I am trying to figure out the best mode for this.

I read somewhere in the forum that the system is less reactive to the acceleration changes in ride mode than in sport mode.

When I’m riding for efficiency, This is what I do… 0-20kms it’s almost impossible not to get the red halo. it needs that energy to gain momentum.once I reach 20kmph speed, I let go of the accelerator for a split second and let the momentum of the vehicle take over. Then, from that zero position, I twist the accelerator just a small bit so that it maintains that momentum it has gained. Modes hardly help in reducing the halo duration. In fact as per my observation, Sports mode is equally efficient if you ride really sedately. Although it displays less range, we can extract same range as that in Ride mode. It’s just that when we shift to Sports mode, we don’t ride that way.


Thanks, I will try this today on the way home.

Does any one face this issue, while driving up hill. Bike does not move at all. I have to off the bike and start again to move forward. This happened 3 times in 10 kms ride… And lot of sound comes from dashboard. Today foe the 4th time my bike is in garage in 3 months. I am not happy at all with this bike. Hard earn money wasted…

It’s bad experience. But one must not loose heart, their are many bike flying around city everyone do not facing issue. Give some time to @Ather.Team to fix issue.

I know many bikes are flying, but I am the one who is having issues from the day one. And there is always the same promise we will diagnosis and make sure it will not happen again. But some or the other issue happens every two weeks.

My bike went twice in 3 days after take delivery. Even not drive 50kms. Entire dashboard and key set changed.

Interested thing is service guy called me he told congrats sir we changed new dashboard to you.

Coool I asked this is brand new vehicle not bought on road side.

Really wonder service team does not have any information. They treat they are giving freebies to me. I paid 113000 hard earned money.

Very sad to hear. But Don’t worry, ather team will find the problem and deliver as soon as possible. But i m not understanding that why the vehicle should stop for a problem with key set?:thinking: Even after the same issue occurring again which was attributed to wire harness. Definitely something fishy…:japanese_ogre:

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Guys, can we get the air pressure checked anywhere like other scooters? How much air is to be pumped for front and back wheels?

you can fill it any where 30/30 or 30 /32 is good I use 30/30 F and B , and I use Nitrogen so dont see much of pressure drop.

OK, will do the same. Thank you!

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