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Hi @Ather.Team and @abhishek.balaji ! The issue hasn’t been resolved yet… What exactly is causing this problem, The App or the Scooter ?

Palce gutthalli vinayaka circle …

I saw one too. Looks good. And Mahindra are coming up with a charging grid and a solar roof for the 2.0 version https://www.financialexpress.com/auto/car-news/auto-expo-2020-mahindra-treo-2-0-electric-three-wheeler-unveiled-with-solar-roof-range-extender-and-more-range-top-speed-charge-battery/1864328/

Yesterday I went to Petrol Pump after a long time (to get petrol in a container for our scooty pep).

Many were starring at Ather curiosuly while I was in queue…

One guy came and asked… this is battery vehicle right, can u fill petrol also? Is this hybrid? Couple of guys asked about mileage (range) and price…

Its a head-turner, even after > 1 year of launch… :slight_smile: Ather’s slow expansion helping us to be exclusive owners and show off for some more time :smiley:


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I have some followup questions to this.

  1. How are you planning to roll out this fix?
  2. What happens to the ip rating of the battery pack when it’s opened?

Me and a few owners in chennai are facing the No network issue on our bikes for more than a day. Can someone update the ETA of the resolution? @abhishek.balaji @Ather.Team

Try doing a shutdown and restart to see if the issue persists? Also, do raise a request through the app or by calling CS.

Hey Guys. This is Puneeth from Chennai. I have booked the Ather 450 and got a confirmation and payment gateway is open but have many things going on in my mind. Please ather 450 owners ( chennai owners - specially keen to know your view) do let me know your experience post buying the vehicle and how is it till date?? Buying a EV is a big hiccup, do share your experience so that its much easier to go ahead with making a decision.

Go through the above discussion with a filter of Chennai.

Also, check in the below discussion to know more.

also this,

I am using from 12.02.20.i am happy with450. Chennai service team also good. You can buy and enjoy with sports mode

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Ather will not disappoint you. In my opinion first book it. Secondly take couple of test ride. Finally if read forum and get info from owner on road.

Lastly if u like it wait for payment window. Or else cancel the your order.

Why don’t you type review in the search bar on the forum. You’ll find a lot of long term reviews of the 450.

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Hi @abhishek.balaji issue wrt to front suspension or some part hitting something remains the same even after sending the vehicle twice for service. The original thud sound remains no change in sound , looks like service team is not able to get the issue that is described . Can you send someone service engineer so that It can be clearly explained and show the exact issue that I am facing , please send Karthik from service/line assembly team so that he can understand the issue clearly.

Sure, I’ve flagged this to the team, and they’ll reach out to you to send someone experienced from our team to understand this issue.

I took delivery of my Ather-450 yesterday. The three rides so far have been good. I am not sure if its an issue…the Ather App on my mobile is just staying at “loading”. It was fine at my home and this issue is at my office. Is it a bad cellular network to which the scooter is hooked on to?

Unlikely, if the app says loading. It usually means there’s an issue on the server-side or on your network. Is your office using any VPN or proxies? Have you tried it using your cellular network at office or is the issue only on the office WiFi network?

Thanks…I am on my cellular network. Anyway, nothing to panic as long as the scooter starts in the evening. Will observe.

I got synced a few minutes back and lost it again. Not sure whats happening. Need to observe. :slight_smile:

The range shown above is 58km and 91% charge remaining.

In the above screenshot, the predicted range is at 65km in ride mode (top of the screen shot) and the projected range is 79km under recent ride. I am a bit unclear about the different ranges mentioned. Request someone to kindly decode this.

To be precise, what’s the figure I would be getting?